Jellycat Mad Menagerie Animals Soft Toy

(RIC2R / CY2SL) PM ref: 969813


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Jellycat's Mad Menagerie range of furry and fluffy animals contains some of their most exotic creatures, as well as their most cuddly. Their excellent fur coats provide the ultimate snuggle buddy after a long day of exploration and adventure. These pals are more than ready to walk, run, climb and sleep wherever you want to. Made from 100% polyester. Hand wash only - do not tumble dry. Suitable for 12months+.

Key Features

  • Mad Menagerie collection
  • Jellycat's wildest range of animals
  • Super soft and cuddly
  • Perfect for adventurous children
  • Excellent to snuggle after a long day
  • Made from 100% polyester
  • Suitable for 12 months+ due to fibre shredding



RIC2R / Riccardo Raccoon 942630

CY2SL / Cyril Sloth 934787

OR2WL / Orlando Owl 935781

AR2A / Arthur Anteater 962566

DE2D / Delphine Duck 963905

ODE20 / Odette Ostrich 967712

LOV2 / Lovely Llama 969813

SIL2C / Silkie Chicken 972264

ORP2C / Orpie Chicken 972265

TO2t / Tony Toucan 987124



Size Guides / SpecificationLess

Cyril Sloth: 43cm

Riccardo Raccoon: 42cm

Orlando Owl: 23cm

Arthur Anteater: 40cm

Delphine Duck: 32cm

Odette Ostrich: 49cm

Lovely Llama: 33cm

Silkie Chicken: 24cm

Orpie Chicken: 24cm

Tony Toucan: 31cm



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