Jack Pyke LLCS Ghillie Suit

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The LLCS Ghillie Suit from Jack Pyke of England offers complete coverage for the serious hunter. 

The suit, the centre piece of the Jack Pyke Light Leaf Concealment System (LLCS), is lightweight and breathable and includes a zipped upper, a hood, elasticated cuffs, an elasticated waistband and trousers with elasticated ankles.

The camouflage suit, available in two different designs, allows you to completely blend in amongst your surroundings and can be paired with the LLCS Gloves and LLCS Balaclava.

Two through pockets mean easy access underneath where you keep all of those hunting and shooting essentials. 

Jack Pyke of England is manufactured by Thatchreed, a company that has been trading in the outdoor market for many years. The entire Jack Pyke range is exclusively design in the UK for the UK, with their range of camouflage patterns specifically formulated to blend in to the foliage of a certain season.

The Ghillie Suit seen here is available in both English Oak and English Woodland camouflage patterns, the difference between which is explained below: 


The LLCS Ghillie Suit in English Oak:

English Oak was the original Jack Pyke pattern developed to cover the autumn months mixing both greens and browns to reflect the falling leaves. The LLCS Ghillie Suit in English Oak could be worn from the drop of the first leaf of Autumn right through to the start of spring. The sheer mix of greens and browns would enable you superb coverage even when appropriate foliage may be sparse. 


The LLCS Ghillie Suit in English Woodland: 

The English Woodland pattern followed the English Oak after requests were made to Thatchreed for a camouflage which provided coverage for the summer. The green tones seen here in the LLC Ghillie Suit are reflective of trees and shrubs native to the UK and our countryside, and provide the appropriate coverage when out in the field during late spring and the summer. 


Key features: 

  • Main piece of Jack Pyke's LLCS range. 
  • Available in two camouflage patterns: English Oak & English Woodland.
  • 2 through pockets. 
  • Extremely lightweight, weighing only 480g. 
  • Adjustable to suit most body types with elasticated fittings. 
  • Provides total coverage when paired with other items from the LLCS range such as the LLC Gloves, LLCS Cap or LLCS Boonie. 
  • Designed specifically for hunting and shooting in the UK countryside. 




JGHILLEWML (English Woodland M / L) 934027-1-1

JGHILLEWXL (English Woodland XL / XXL) 934027-1-2

JGHILLML (English Oak M / L) 934027-2-1

JGHILLXL (English Oak XL / XXL) 934027-2-2




Size Guides / SpecificationLess

Jack Pyke LLCS Ghillie Suit specifications


Medium (M) / Large (L):

Adjustable from 38 inches to 44 inches

(96.5cm to 111.7cm) 


Extra Large (XL) / Extra, Extra Large (XXL):

Adjustable from 46 inches to 52 inches

(116.8 cm to 132 cm) 






Please note all sizes are approximate. 



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