Picnic Baskets and Hampers

Willow Premium Waste Paper Bin
  • Traditional willow waste bin.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Looks great at home or in the office
Seagrass Square Waste Paper Basket
  • Willow Premium waste bin.
  • Seagrass woven design.
  • Bin waste in style
Willow Premium Antique Wash Hamper
  • Hard wearing willow basket.
  • Stylish antique wash finish.
  • Cream faux leather handles
from £14.95
Willow Premium White Hamper
  • Handcrafted willow hamper basket.
  • Absolutelt ideal for a day out.
  • Practical carrying handle
from £15.95
6 Bottles Wine Carrier
  • Ideal for wine bottles.
  • Strong carry handle.
  • Made from sustainable materials
from £17.95
Cream Lined 2 Person Hamper
  • Antique wash hamper.
  • Cream faux leather.
  • Attractive cutlery and corkscrew
2 Bottle Chilled Carry Basket
  • Antique wash willow.
  • Insulated cooler lining.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
Willow Premium Buff Oval Picnic Basket
  • Brilliant for days out shooting.
  • Robust and sturdy.
  • Removable cotton lining
2 Person Chilled Hamper
  • Willow two person chilled hamper.
  • Antique wash finish.
  • Cream interior lining
Garden Party Basket Chilled
  • Garden party basket.
  • Chilled middle section for bottles.
  • 12 sections for glasses
from £69.95
4 Person Chiller Hamper
  • Antique wash finish.
  • Includes plates and cutlery.
  • Handmade by skilled craftsmen
Antique Wash Two Person Hamper
  • Two person willow hamper.
  • Lovely gift idea.
  • Keeps food and drink cold
Antique Wash Lidded Hamper
  • 4 person hamper.
  • Bottle holder sections.
  • Includes stainless steel cutlery
Light Steamed Slope Side Hamper
  • Four person hamper.
  • Traditional yet practical.
  • Leather secure straps

Willow Baskets and Trays

The baskets in this department have been handcrafted by artisians across the world to bring some great quality back to the British picnic scene. The Willow Premium products in this range bring a breath of fresh air to products that for so long have been traditionally so plain and boring. Products like the 4 person pink tartan hamper and lidded 4 person hamper are items that have rejuvenated the way we will live our summer lives.

Willow Baskets and Hampers