End of Season Sale Spring Summer 2019

Wine Accessories

Pack of two black stoppers
  • Use in conjunction with the wine pump.
  • Helps to create an air tight seal.
  • Pack of two
Was £8.00 NOW £6.45
Le Creuset Drip Free Pourer
  • Stylish drip and spill free stainless steel pourer.
  • Washable and reusable.
  • Contains 5 pourers in each pack
Was £9.00 NOW £6.95
Le Creuset Metal Foilcutter in Black Nickel
  • Cleanly removes foil with the turn of a wrist.
  • Matching items available.
  • Ergonomic design
Was £10.00 FROM £7.95
Metal cleaning balls and pouch
  • Cleans crystal decanters & vases.
  • Stainless steel balls. 
  • Silicone pouch
  • Was £13.00 NOW £10.45
    Aerator and pourer in Black
    • Reduces tannins and enhances flavour.
    • Clean with warm, soapy water.
    • Multiple internal vents
    Was £15.00 NOW £11.95
    Metal drip ring
    • Catches stray drops during pouring.
    • Fits around the neck of a bottle.
    • Simply wipe clean
    Was £15.00 NOW £11.95
    Le Creuset Cooler Sleeve Black
    • Le Creuset bottle cooler.
    • Designed to adjust to various bottle sizes.
    • Keep your bottle cold for hours
    Was £21.00 NOW £16.95
    Le Creuset Cooler Sleeve Burgundy
    • Wine cooler sleeve.
    • Perfect for the summer months.
    • Can accomodate selected bottle sizes
    Was £21.00 NOW £16.95
    Le Creuset Cooler Sleeve Cerise
    • Cerise wine cooler.
    • Keep in freezer until use.
    • Washing machine safe
    Was £21.00 NOW £16.95
    Le Creuset Cooler Sleeve Volcanic
    • Le Creuset wine cooler.
    • Adjustable design to compliment bottle sizes.
    • Insulating sleeve
    Was £21.00 NOW £16.95
    Pump in Black Nickel
    Gift with purchase
    • Contemporary looking wine pump.
    • One pump plus three stoppers.
    • Assorted finishes
    Was £21.00 FROM £16.95
    Waiter's Friend in Metal
    • Stainless steel screw, and lever.
    • Serrated blade foil cutter.
    • Bottle top opener
    Was £22.00 FROM £17.45
    Cork screw in Black
    • No pulling - Simply twist the handle.
    • Stainless steel screw.
    • Plastic body
    Was £25.00 NOW £19.95
    Sparkling wine opener
    • Adds grip to help remove sparkling wine corks.
    • Push on and twist to remove.
    • Easy to clean
    Was £29.00 NOW £22.95
    Corkscrew in Teal
    • Can be used on any cork or bottle.
    • Simply turn to open.
    • Soft touch design
    Was £30.00 NOW £23.95
    3-in-1 design
    • Seals securely for airtight storage.
    • Aerates for flavour.
    • Controls the flow
    Was £32.00 NOW £25.45
    Le Creuset Activ-Ball Table Model and Foil Cutter Set Black
    Free UK delivery
    • The perfect gift set for any wine enthusiast.
    • Activ-Ball design prevents having to pull.
    • Complete with foil cutter
    Was £45.00 NOW £35.95
    Wing lever corkscrew in Black Nickel
    Free UK delivery
    • Stylish black nickel cork-screw.
    • Matching items available.
    • Simple lever action
    Was £55.00 NOW £43.95
    Le Creuset Wine Accessories Gift Set Cerise
    Free UK delivery
    • 3 Piece Gift Set.
    • Designed to compliment the Cerise range.
    • Complete with gift box
    Was £60.00 NOW £47.95
    Le Creuset Activ-Ball Table Model and Foil Cutter Set Black Nickel
    Free UK delivery
    • Activ-Ball table Model and Plastic Foil Cutter.
    • Perfect gift set for any wine connoisseur.
    • Finished in Black Nickel
    Was £69.00 NOW £51.95
    Le Creuset Vitesse Aerating Wine Fountain
    Free UK delivery
    • Controls the flow of wine into the decanter.
    • Allows for maximum aeration.
    • Includes decanter
    Was £80.00 NOW £63.95
    Lever model corkscrew in Black
    Free UK delivery
    • Easy to use on all cork types.
    • Matching items available.
    • Includes foil cutter
    Was £90.00 NOW £71.95
    Le Creuset Essential Wine Accessories Gift Set Black
    Free UK delivery
    • Premium 4-piece gift set.
    • 10 year guarantee.
    • Perfect present for any wine lover
    Was £125.00 NOW £99.95
    Lever model corkscrew
    Free UK delivery
    • Removes natural / synthetic corks.
    • Includes foil cutter.
    • Black nickel
    Was £225.00 NOW £179.95

    Our range of wine accessories and equipment includes corkscrews and waiter's friends to help you get into your favourite bottle along with bottle stoppers and wine savers designed to keep your red, white or rosé fresh and full of flavour.