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  • Stellar 12 Cup Bun Tin

    Stellar 12 Cup Bun Tin

    £16.00 £9.95
  • Stellar Baking Tray

    Stellar Baking Tray

    £4.95 - £8.95
  • Stellar Cake Tin / Roaster
  • Stellar Fluted Flan Tin Loose Base

    Stellar Fluted Flan Tin Loose Base

    £7.95 - £9.95
  • Stellar James Martin Bakepan
  • Stellar Muffin / Cupcake Tin
  • Stellar Roasting Tray

    Stellar Roasting Tray

    £6.95 - £8.95
  • Stellar Round Cake Tin Springform
  • Stellar Speciality Roast & Rack Pan
  • Stellar Table Essentials Square Baker
  • Stellar Winchester 7 Piece Cake Set

Stellar Bakeware

Stellar Bakeware is made of quality steel and non-stick coatings. The bakeware is made from a high grade 1mm steel with rigid rolled edges, which provides strength and durability, meaning you'll be able to use this bakeware again and again. All the surfaces of the bakeware feature a double layer of a non-stick coating, making the bakeware easy to use and to keep clean. All of the bakeware is dishwasher safe and feature a lifetime guarantee from Stellar and a 5 year guarantee on the non-stick coating.