Digital Weighing Scales

Salter Aquatronic Kitchen ScaleItem on sale
  • Simple sleek white kitchen scale.
  • Add and weigh function in the same bowl.
  • Aquatronic for liquids
Was £19.99 NOW £12.95
Salter Mono Electronic Digital Kitchen ScalesItem on sale
  • Salter Glass Digital Kitchen Scales.
  • LCD Display.
  • Easy Clean Glass Platform
Was £27.99 NOW £13.95
Salter Stainless Steel Aquatronic Electronic Digital Kitchen ScaleItem on sale
  • Stainless steel easy clean platform.
  • Easy read LCD desplay. 
  • Hanging hole for wall-mounting
Was £24.99 NOW £14.95
Salter High Capacity Kitchen ScalesItem on sale
  • Stainless steel weighing scales with add & weigh function.
  • Aquatronic for measuring liquids.
  • Can weigh up to 10kg
Was £44.99 NOW £23.95
Salter Aquatronic Glass Electronic Digital ScalesItem on sale
  • Glass Digital Kitchen Scales.
  • Easy Read LCD Display.
  • 15 Years Guarantee
Was £39.99 NOW £24.95
Salter Kitchen Gift SetItem on sale
  • Salter Kichen Gift Set.
  • Features Scales, Timer and Thermometer. 
  • Easy To Read LCD Displays 
Was £39.99 NOW £24.95

Our range of digital weighing scales includes models from Brabantia and Salter. The scales features allow you to weigh directly onto platform or use with a bowl and it automatically adjusts for use with most bowls or containers. Digital kitchen scales are accurate and it is easy to switch between grams and ounces.