Le Parfait Preserving Jars


Le Parfait Replacement Rubber Jar Seals 10 Pack
  • Rubber Rings.
  • 10 pack of replacement seals.
  • 3 sizes available
from £3.50

Le Parfait Preserving Jars

The Le Parfait collection from Philip Morris & Son includes deluxe French glass clip-top preserving jars in 6 sizes from 125ml up to 3l. Use them to make jars of jellies, jams, preserves and pickles or to accessories your house. The original shapes are instantly and universally recognisable, and the transparency of the jars symbolises honesty and purity.

All available singly
or in packs of 6, 12, 24 or 48!

Why use Le Parfait jars?

1. Convenience

These jars are intuitive to use, and there is no need for complicated special instructions. Any food, from jams to chutneys, that are preserved in a Le Parfait container will be easy to eat thanks to their simple designs.

2. Healthy

It has long been proven that their is a strong link between the foods we consume and our health, so home-cooking using these jars is a great way to protect our health.

3. Airtight

Unlike other cheaper options these Le Parfait jars are designed to be completely airtight once closed, which will protect your hard work from spoiling whilst maturing. It is also easy to replace the distinctive orange seals when required.

4. Ecological

The majority of these jars are glass, which is one of the most sustainable materials available. Simply recycle when these jars come to the end of their current life, and they can be made into something else.

5. Economic

These jars are designed to be rugged and durable, which ensures that they can be re-used time and time again.