Jam, Cheese and Wine Making Equipment

Kilner Round Twist Top Jar 43ml
  • Twist top preservation jars.
  • Small jam or marmalade glass jars.
  • Round twisting top lid
from £0.95
Kilner Hexagonal Twist Top Jar single
  • Shaped glass jam jar.
  • Perfect for storing preserves.
  • Twist lid for lasting freshness
from £1.15
Pack of preserving discs
  • Helps prevent your preserves from spoiling.
  • 5.5 cm and 7.5 cm round discs.
  • Two sizes available 
Kilner Round Twist Top Jar 228ml
  • Glass preserve jar.
  • Twist lid for longer freshness.
  • Stay fresh jam jars
from £1.15
Hexagonal Twist Top Jar single
  • Shaped glass storage jars.
  • Stores your jams and preserves.
  • Aluminium twist lid
from £1.45
Kilner Hexagonal Twist Top Jar
  • Hexagonal shaped glass jar.
  • Perfect for jams and preserves.
  • Aluminium twist lid
from £1.45
Kilner Nations Favourite Jar 400ml
  • Ideal for preserves and sauces. 
  • Glass preserving jar. 
  • Silicon sealing strip
Kilner Round Twist Top Jar 93ml
  • Clear glass jam jars.
  • Storage for jams and preserves.
  • Aluminium twisting round lid
from £1.45
Round Twist Top Jar Single
  • Traditional glass storage jars.
  • Perfect for storing jam and preserves.
  • Twist top lid for freshness
from £1.55
Round Twist Top Jar Single
  • Large round glass jar.
  • Round twisting top.
  • Storage for jams and preserves
from £1.65
500ml Drink Works Bottle Single
  • Amber glass home brew bottle.
  • 40% recycled glass.
  • Special design for fermentation in brewing
24 Haberdashery design coversItem on sale
  • Paper jam covers and elastic bands.
  • Perfect for homemade gifts.
  • Matching jar labels
Kilner Round Twist Top Jar single
  • Large glass jar.
  • Storage for big amounts of ingredients.
  • Twisting Aluminium lid
from £1.75
Rayware Kilner Muslin Square 50cm x 50cm
  • Ideal for straining, preserving and cheese maturing.
  • Machine washable material.
  • 100% cotton muslin
Standard seals
  • Suitable for round and square jars
  • Pack of 6 seals
  • Durable rubber
from £1.85
Kilner Round Twist Top Jar 260ml
  • Twist top preservation jar.
  • Maintains freshness.
  • Aluminium lid
Kilner Hexagonal Spice Jar 90ml
  • Ideal for a number of herbs and spices.
  • Metal clip top.
  • Rubber seal
Kilner Preserving Glass Jar 0.5L
  • Preserve and pickle.
  • Screw band reusable up to 10 times.
  • Iconic shape
from £2.05
KItchen Craft - Standard Jam ThermometerItem on sale
  • Measures temperatures between 40-200°c.
  • Glass construction.
  • Handwash only
Jam spoon with hook
  • Durable stainless steel construction.
  • Spoon to aid preserving and pickling.
  • Dishwasher safe
Kitchen Craft - Spice BagsItem on sale
  • Finely woven muslin bags.
  • Drawstring closure.
  • Can be used to flavour or drain
  • £2.25
    Drink Works 750ml Bottle Single
    • Reycled amber coloured beer bottles.
    • Home brewing Kilner glass bottles.
    • Embossed Kilner logo
    from £2.35
    0.25 Litre Conserve Jar
    • Leifheit canning jar.
    • Glass preserving jar
    • Preserving jars for jams and fruits
    from £2.49
    Kilner Drink Works 50 crown caps
    • Crown cap bottle tops.
    • 50 metal bottle caps.
    • Branded tops with Kilner logo
    Kitchen Craft Jam Strainer KitItem on sale
    • Plastic stand with folding legs
    • Jam straining bag
    • Measures approx 25 diameter
    from £2.99
    Kilner Original & Best Jar 400ml
    • Sealing strip for maximum freshness.
    • Decorated preserving jar.
    • Multi-purpose
    Kitchen Craft - Butter Muslin
  • Quality muslin.
  • Ideal for straining.
  • Also for preserving and cheese maturing
  • £3.15
    Kilner Handled Jar, Lid & Straw 400ml
    • 3-in-1 set. 
    • Great for cocktails. 
    • The perfect drinking companion
    Push Lid Glass Jar Single
    • Air tight glass jar.
    • Silicone seal to keep freshness in.
    • Branded push top jar
    0.5 Litre Preserving Jar
    • 2 piece lid for a secure seal.
    • Embossed glass jar.
    • Leifheit canning jar
    Jam jar tongsItem on sale
  • Safely remove sterilised pots from boiling water.
  • Durable with a heat resistant grip.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • £3.95
    Kilner Easy Fill Stainless Steel Funnel
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Perfect fit for all Kilner jars.
  • Prevent spillages
  • £3.95
    Kilner Cleaner Steriliser
    • Essential brew cleaning.
    • Brewing equipment steriliser.
    • Makes up to 30 gallons
    Kitchen Craft - Jam Making FunnelItem on sale
    Offers available
    • Jam Making Funnel from Kitchen Craft.
    • Stainless steel.
    • Helpful Side Handle
    Kilner Frosted Clip Top Jars 500ml in Purple
    • Hand wash clean only.
    • A part of the Frosted range.
    • Perfect for homemade jams and chutneys
    Kilner Anniversary Screw Top Jar 0.75L
    • Kilner 175th anniversary jar. 
    • Glass lid & rubber seal.
    • Dishwasher safe
    Kitchen Craft - Deluxe Stainless Steel ThermometerItem on sale
    • Temperatures between 60 & 200°C.
    • Suitable for jam and chips.
    Leifheit Lid For Preserve / Jam Jar Pack Of 10
    • With special coating.
    • Decorative design.
    • For use with Leifheit 250ml jars
    Kilner Anniversary Screw Top Jar 1.5L
    • Special edition for 175th anniversary.
    • Styled like original Kilner jars. 
    • Dishwasher safe
    Kilner Frosted Clip Top Jar 1 Litre in Purple
    • Air tight silicone seal.
    • Metallic clip top lid.
    • Available in Purple, Blue and White
    Kilner Stainless Steel Strainer Funnel
  • Mirror polished stainless steel.
  • Removable straining disc.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • £8.00
    Kilner Thermometer And Lid Lifter
    • Measures temperatures from 40°C up to 140°C.
    • Magnetic end on lid lifter for safety.
    • Easy to read
    Kilner Snack On The Go Jar 0.5L
    • Ideal for breakfast or lunch on the go. 
    • Cup keeps wet foods separate.
    • Dishwasher safe
    Fruit strainer bag
    • Removes seeds and pips from your jams and jellies.
    • Heavy duty nylon strainer.
    • Machine washable
    Kitchen Craft - Straining BagItem on sale
    Offers available
    • Made from 100% pure cotton
    • Machine washable
    • Ideal for jam, jelly preserve & cheese making
    Kilner Fermentation Set
    • Create your own fermented foods. 
    • Recipe booklet & how to guide included. 
    • 3 Litre glass jar
    Stainless steel jam panItem on sale
  • Suitable for all hob types, including induction.
  • Internal measuring marks.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • £33.95
    KItchen Craft - Stainless Steel Maslin PanItem on sale
    Offers available
    • 5mm thick sandwich base
    • 9 litre capacity
    • Suitable for gas, electric stoves & induction hobs
    Kitchen Craft Jam Making Set Jam KitItem on sale
    • Stainless Steel Maslin Pan
    • Jam Strainer Kit and Funnel
    • Stainless Steel Thermometer

    Preserving jars and accessories from Leifheit, Le Parfait, Kilner, Rayware and Kitchen Craft, perfect for keeping jams, chutneys, preserves and other foods in. Stainless steel pans are great for making jams, jellies, preserves and pickles. For more information about jam making and preserving, visit our blog.

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