Mid Season Sale Ends 22nd October

Mid Season SALE Ends at Midnight 22nd October!

Mid Season SALE Ends Midnight October 22nd!

Bisley Spiral Dog Tether
  • Robust screw-in dog tether.
  • Screws into the ground.
  • Revolving attachment
  • £6.45
    Bisley Basic slip lead
  • 5 foot long dog lead.
  • 8mm matt braid.
  • Quickly secure your dog
  • £7.95
    Available in a selection of colours
    • Matt braid basic slip lead.
    • No packaging included.
    • Includes rubber stop and nickel ring
    Bisley Dog Clip Brace
    • 2 dog clip brace.
    • Double clip ends.
    • Keep 2 dogs under control
    Bisley Field trial lead
    • Pre stretched polyester slip lead 
    • Leather fittings
    • Must have gun dog lead
    • Adjustable webbing dog collar.
    • Heardwearing collar with quick lock.
    • Available in three colours
    from £9.99
    Bisley Standard Rope Slip Lead
    • Standard Nylon slip lead.
    • Complete with leather fittings 
    • Quick and easy control of your dog
    Bisley Clip Ring Dog Lead
    • Enables 2 lengths of lead.
    • Great for closer control on lead.
    • Features Nickel clip and ring
    Bisley Deluxe Slip Lead in Green
    • Made from hard-wearing rope.
    • Durable and versatile dog lead.
    • Easy to hold and gentle on the skin
    Bisley Deluxe Sporting Dog Lead Red
  • 1.5m sporting dog slip.
  • Easily secure your dog.
  • Strong 8mm weave
  • £10.95
    Elite Slip Lead in Purple
    • Bisley Elite slip lead.
    • Super tough rope lead.
    • Features brass ring and rubber stopper
    Bisley Natural Slip Dog Lead
    • Natural rope lead.
    • Adjustable stop.
    • Easy handling of your dog
    from £12.00
    Barbour Leather Dog CollarItem on sale
    • Available in small, medium or large.
    • Branded pure leather dog collar.
    • Aged brass metal fittings
    Bisley Double Stop Dog Slip Lead
    • Bisley double stop slip lead.
    • Quick and eays to use.
    • Can be used as a head collar
    Bisley Heavy Duty Rope Slip Lead
    • Heavy duty dog lead.
    • Leather fittings.
    • Adjustable stop for full control
    Bisley Dog Slip Collar Brace
    • Slip collar brace.
    • Designed for use with 2 dogs.
    • Nickel ring connector
    Brown leather dog leadItem on sale
    • 1 metre long dog lead with metal fittings.
    • Matching collars available.
    • Premium quality leather
    Bisley Tracking Line
    • 8mm matt braid lead.
    • Includes clip and ring.
    • Great dog training aid
    Seeland Dog Carpet in Green
    • Padded dog bed with fleece effect.
    • Features an anti-slip bottom.
    • Machine washable at 40 degrees
    Dog harness in Classic TartanItem on sale
    • Available in small, medium and large.
    • Cushioned dog harness with D-ring.
    • Classic tartan outer
    Bisley Double Rope Dog Slip Lead
    • 2 dog slip lead.
    • Can be used as a single dog lead.
    • 8mm matt braid
    Barbour Classic Tartan Dog CollarItem on sale
    • Fully adjustable buckle fastening.
    • Hard wearing cotton dog collar.
    • 100% real leather lining
    Dress tartan dog collarItem on sale
    • Adjustable dog collar with brass effect details.
    • Tartan outer & leather lining.
    • 3 sizes
    Barbour Quilt + Fleece Flat PadItem on sale
    • Quilted pad to fit a similar sized dog cage. 
    • Fleece & quilted polyamide. 
    • Embossed logo
    from £23.95
    Barbour Tartan Flat PadItem on sale
    • Barbour dog pad for dog cage. 
    • Classic tartan design. 
    • Polyester wadding for warmth and dryness
    from £23.95
    Bisley Hunting Training Dog Lead
    • Hunting / Training lead.
    • Allows hands-free walking and training.
    • Made by Bisley
    Joules Restwell Printed Pet Pillow Navy Cambridge FloralItem on sale
    • Universal pet pillow. 
    • Non-slip reverse side. 
    • Machine washable
    from £25.95
    Barbour Dog Blanket in Classic TartanItem on sale
    • Barbour 2 sided dog blanket. 
    • Made in the U.K. 
    • Cotton tartan & sherpa fleece on each side
    Joules Percher Pet Bed in Navy Cambridge FloralItem on sale
    • Rectangular shaped pet bed. 
    • Reversible centre pad.
    • Machine washable
    from £27.95
    Joules Travelnap Stratton CheckItem on sale
    • Printed Travel Pet Bed
    • 100% polyester.
    • Fleece reverse
    Quilted dog coat in BlackItem on sale
    • Warm, traditional diamond design.
    • Fits Toy Dogs to Great Danes.
    • Stylish quilted dog coat
    Bisley Leather Quick Release Handle Set
    • Bisley quick release handle set.
    • Release collar and short handle.
    • Lead length: 27cm
    Barbour Luxury Dog BedItem on sale
    • Luxury dog bed in a variety of sizes. 
    • Reversible inner cushion. 
    • Wool touch fabric & faux suede
    from £31.95
    Polar dog coat in BlackItem on sale
    • Underside fastening strap and velcro neck.
    • Patch pocket with embroidery.
    • Lightweight dog coat


    Quilted dog bed in OliveItem on sale
    • Removable, washable cushion.
    • Available for all size dogs.
    • Quilted nylon dog bed
    from £31.95
    Waxed cotton dog bed in OliveItem on sale
    • Waxed cotton outer with tartan lining.
    • Removable polyester cushion.
    • From 18 inches to 35 inches
    from £31.95
    Dog coat in BlackItem on sale
    • Water-resistant mediumweight waxed cotton.
    • Buckle fastening belly strap.
    • Available in 6 sizes
    Stratton CheckItem on sale
    • Tweed effect pet bed. 
    • Rectangular shape.
    • Brushed polyester
    from £31.95
    Classic tartan dog leadItem on sale
    • Leather lined dog lead with tartan pattern.
    • Matching collars available.
    • Fixed 1 metre length
    Barbour New Wax Dog CoatItem on sale
    • Berber fleece lining. 
    • Covered chest for weather protection. 
    • Velcro fastening for easier access
    RedItem on sale
    • Weather comfort dog coat.
    • Waterproof with reflective edge. 
    • All-over fit
    Bisley Leather Quick Release Lead Set
    • Single coursing quick release set.
    • Long lead included.
    • Release your dog with ease
    Joules Slumber Check Quilted Pet BedItem on sale
    • Oval pet bed.
    • Available in 3 sizes to suit a variety of pets. 
    • Foam walls
    from £39.95
    Joules Slumber Check Quilted Bed Stratton CheckItem on sale
    • Tweed effect.
    • 100% brushed polyester. 
    • Machine washable & reversible pad
    from £43.95
    Seeland Dog Transporter Box
    Free UK delivery
    • Strong yet lightweight dog box.
    • Collapses when not in use.
    • Fleece-lined metal bed tray for strength
    from £53.95
    Dunmanway Dog Collar Walnut
    Free UK delivery
    • Dubarry crushed signature leather.
    • Signature branded oval.
    • Secure hook fastening
    Barbour Wax Cotton Dog Bed in Classic / OliveItem on sale
    Free UK delivery
    • Luxurious deep duvet for dogs.
    • Can be used as a mattress in a dog cage
    • Made in the UK
    Barbour Wax / Cotton Dog Duvet in Classic / OliveItem on sale
    Free UK delivery
    • Luxurious deep dog duvet. 
    • Cotton & waxed cotton with removable cushion pad.
    • Made in the UK

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