Leifheit Combi Mop Sieve Bucket Insert
  • Sieve for Leifheit mops.
  • Allows for easy mop pressing.
  • For Leifheit Combi buckets
Leifheit Combi Press Sieve Bucket Insert
  • Press sieve insert for Combi buckets.
  • For pressing Combi floor wipers.
  • Easy to use mop press
Leifheit Classic Mop
  • Highly absortbant viscose mop.
  • Ideal for stairs and corners.
  • 120cm handle
Leifheit Replacement Cotton Classic Mop Head
  • Extremely absorbant.
  • Washable at 60 degrees.
  • For use with Leifheit Classic Mops
Leifheit Replacement Mircofibre Mop Head
  • For use with classic mops.
  • Attracts dirt and hair.
  • Absorbant mop head
Leifheit Replacement Viscose Classic Mop Head
  • Replacement head for classic mops.
  • Absorbant viscose.
  • Easily attaches
Leifheit Combi Box Bucket InsertNew item
  • Leifeit 2 chamber bucket.
  • Carry everything you need for cleaning.
  • 3 year guarantee
Leifheit Combi Bucket
  • Universal mop bucket.
  • For use with Combi Mops and Floor Wipers.
  • Available in two sizes
from £9.95
Static Plus Wiper Cover
  • Holds dust and hair like a magnet.
  • Ideal for pet owners.
  • Gentle on delicate floors
from £11.95
Extra Soft Wiper Cover For Clean Twist & Combi
  • Floor wiper cover.
  • Absorbs minimal water.
  • Special fibre bristles
from £12.95
Micro Duo Wiper Cover
  • Washable wiper cover.
  • Extremely absorbant.
  • Micro fibre bristles
from £12.95
Leifheit Combi Floor Wiper
  • Ideal for quick cleaning.
  • 360 degree flexible joint.
  • Available in two sizes
from £18.95
Leifheit Classic Mop Set
  • Includes, mop, bucket and sieve.
  • Cleaning without the need for bending.
  • Absorbant mop head
Leifheit Combi Clean Set
  • Includes floor wiper, bucket and press sieve.
  • Cleaning without bending.
  • Available in two sizes
from £24.99