Leifheit Home & Garden


Philip Morris & Son are proud to offer a wide and varied range of Leifheit products, from ironing boards and accessories, rotary dryers and laundry airers, their impressive range of preserving jars and accessories and cleaning equipment. When it comes to innovative solutions, their inventors have created some amazing products that will help you breeze through the housework in no time!

Why choose Leifheit?

Leifheit are one of the brand leaders in the cleaning, laundry care and kitchen products market and their products have been on the market for over 50 years. Over the years Leifheit have devoted themselves to creating and developing innovative new products to make your life easier. Such is the confidence in the brand that many customers will immediately look to Leifheit time and time again for their domestic product needs. Numerous awards and recommendations demonstrate and justify this brand confidence. Whatever your domestic need, Leifheit has the product that is right for you.


Need some advice?

If you require any advice on any of the Leifheit products stocked by Philip Morris and Son a member of our domestic team will be happy to help. Get in touch by calling us on 01432 377089.