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  • Leifheit Window Slider XL With Telescopic Handle
  • Leifheit Profi XL Static Plus Wiper Cover
  • Leifheit Window Cleaner 500ml
  • Leifheit Window Spray Cleaner
  • Leifheit Telegant 81 Protect Plus Wall Dryer
  • Leifheit Classic Siena 180 Laundry Dryer
  • Leifheit Cotton Classic 2mm Ironing Board Cover
  • Leifheit Classic Mop Set
  • Leifheit Piccolo and Picobello Mop Cloths

    Leifheit Piccolo and Picobello Mop Cloths

    £10.95 - £11.95
  • Leifheit Squeegee Window Slider
  • Leifheit Cotton Classic 3mm Ironing Board Cover
  • Leifheit Parat F2 Wall Mounted Roll Holder
  • Leifheit Preserving Jar Screw Rings
  • Leifheit Protective Ironing Sole Plate
  • Leifheit Blind Cleaner
  • Leifheit Radiator Cleaner
  • Leifheit Telescopic Handle
  • Leifheit Click System Tile and Bathtub Flexi Pad
  • Leifheit Clean and Away Floor Wiper
  • Leifheit Wringmop Head
  • Leifheit Combi Floor Wiper
  • Leifheit Combi Press Sieve Bucket Insert
  • Leifheit Extra Soft Wiper Cover For Clean Twist and Combi
  • Leifheit Profi Floor Wiper With Steel Handle
  • Leifheit Profi Micro Duo Wiper Cover
  • Leifheit Plastic Soft Grip Pegs
  • Leifheit Rotary Airer Protective Washing Line Cover
  • Leifheit Rotary Airer Screw in Ground Peg

Philip Morris & Son are proud to offer a wide and varied range of Leifheit products, from ironing boards and accessories, rotary dryers and laundry airers, their impressive range of preserving jars and accessories and cleaning equipment. When it comes to innovative solutions, their inventors have created some amazing products that will help you breeze through the housework in no time!

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