Le Creuset Ink Cookware Collection

Le Creuset Stoneware Espresso Mug Ink
  • Le Creuset Espresso Mug.
  • Heat-resistant stoneware.
  • Makes perfect dessert pots
Le Creuset Stoneware Mug Ink
  • Stoneware Mug.
  • Designed to match Le Creuset's Ink range.
  • 5 year guarantee
Le Creuset Classic Pepper Mill Ink
  • Le Creuset traditional pepper mill.
  • Robust ceramic grinding mechanism.
  • Deep Ink blue ABS plastic
Le Creuset Classic Salt Mill Ink
  • Le Creuset traditional salt mill.
  • Durable ceramic grinding mechanism.
  • Strong ABS plastic exterior
Le Creuset Round Casserole 20cm Ink
Free UK delivery
  • Le Creuset round casserole dish.
  • Luxurious Ink blue cast iron exterior.
  • Excellent heat distribution
Le Creuset Round Casserole 24cm Ink
Free UK delivery
  • Attractive cast iron casserole.
  • Round 24cm diameter.
  • Durable enamelled interior
Le Creuset Round Casserole 28cm Ink
Free UK delivery
  • Coloured cast iron casserole dish.
  • Luxury enamel coated interior.
  • Large 28cm dish with lid
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