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Cast Iron Grills

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  • Le Creuset Cast Iron Rectangular Grill
  • Satin Black Le Creuset 30cm Cast Iron Deep Square Grill
  • Cerise Le Creuset Cast Iron Shallow Rectangular Grill
  • Cerise Le Creuset 26cm Cast Iron Square Grillit

Le Creuset Cast Iron Grills

The essential ingredient for the perfect steak, skewers or chargrilled vegetables is a Le Creuset grill pan. With a range of grill shapes and sizes available to meet your needs, you'll be able to create professional sear lines and perfect results every time. Everything you grill will taste even better than you imagined because cast iron cooks evenly and gently. The exceptional heat retention of cast iron means your meals will stay warmer for longer. Suitable for any hob type, including induction, and covered by a lifetime guarantee, you can trust Le Creuset to give you exceptional results time after time, year after year.