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Addis Food Containers

Addis 0.2 Litre Round Foodsaver Blue
  • Airtight food container.
  • Seal keeps all foods fresh.
  • Can be stacked for easy storage
Addis 0.5 Litre Round Foodsaver Blue
  • Food storage container with airtight seal.
  • Seal keeps food fresh.
  • Stackable to optimise space

Addis 0.33 Litre Beaker Blue
  • Airtight flask with easy lift lid.
  • Seal prevents drinks leaking.
  • Can be stacked to save space
Addis Foodsavers 0.6L Square Container Blue
  • Addis square foodsaver tub.
  • Ideal in your lunchbox.
  • Food storage for cupboard or fridge
Addis Foodsavers 1.5 Litre Round Container Blue
  • Addis food container.
  • Round 1500ml storage tub.
  • Airtight food storage plastic box
Addis 0.7 Litre Rectangular Foodsaver Blue
  • Airtight rectangular food container.
  • Sealed lid keeps food fresh.
  • Easy access lid
Addis 1.2 Litre Rectangular Foodsaver Blue
  • Keeps food and ingredients fresh.
  • Airtight food storage container.
  • Perfect as a lunch box 
Addis 1.7 Litre Dry Goods Foodsaver Blue
  • Seal tight dry goods container.
  • Easy access lid. 
  • Stackable to save storage space
Addis 2 Litre Rectangular Foodsaver Blue
  • Best performing airtight seal.
  • Stackable for storage.
  • Large capacity food storage container
Addis 1.5 Litre Fridge Jug Blue
  • Storage jug with airtight lid.
  • Contents are kept fresher for longer.
  • Sealed lid prevents spillage
Addis 3 Litre Rectangular Foodsaver Blue
  • Food container with an airtight lid.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Nest inside each other to save space
Addis Dry Food Container 2.5L Blue
  • Addis plastic food container.
  • Clear cereal dispener.
  • Large transparent container with blue lid
Addis Foodsavers 5 Litre Square Container Blue
  • Addis food container.
  • Large square 5L food tub.
  • Transparent tub with blue lid
Addis Foodsavers 10 Litre Food Container
  • Plastic food storage tub.
  • Large 10L food container.
  • Airtight and liquid tight seal

Addis Food Containers

Food should always be fresh, and the fresher the food the better it is. Addis food storage containers utilise air tight technology across a wide range of varying size and shape food containers for practical fresh food solutions. With easy-lift lids these containers are perfect for packed lunches, storing ingredients or storing baked goods.

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