Brabantia Kitchen Utensils

Brabantia Kitchen Utensils

Brabantia offer a complete series of functional kitchen utensils to add professional quality to your kitchen including knives, peelers, whisks, spatulas, tongs, forks and more. Brabantia's nylon tool range is especially suited for use with non-stick cookware, and with it's attractive ratio of price to quality, this Brabantia range is perfect for novice cooks. Brabantia's Profile Collection offers the perfect range of tools for every type of cook and Brabantia's Essential line of gadgets are a perfect aid in your kitchen, give them a try and be convinced!

Brabantia Essential Kitchen Utensils

The Essential range of kitchen tools and utensils from Brabantia is made using durable white plastic and stainless steel component parts. The range is dishwasher safe and has a 5 year guarantee. Included in the range is very standard kitchen utensils such as whisks, spoons and knives along with a few more unusual gadgets such as apple corers and lemon zesters.

Brabantia Profile Line Kitchen Utensils

The Profile Line range of kitchen accessories from Brabantia combines seamless stainless steel construction with certain tools and utensils featuring high grade black nylon component parts. The seamless nature of the design makes it incredibly easy to clean and also hygienic to use as no residue can stay on the utensil after cleaning. The high grade nylon parts are heat resistant up to 220oc. The Profile Line range is comprehensive and includes everything you'll need for a well equipped kitchen such as spoons, spatulas, whisks, knives, cutters, openers and a variety of other interesting gadgets.

Brabantia Black Nylon Kitchen Utensils

The Brabantia Black Nylon range of kitchen equipment is especially suited for use with non-stick cookware as it will not damage or deteriorate the non-stick properties of pots and pans. The one-piece construction of the black nylon kitchen utensils gives great durability and strength, and the high grade nylon is heat resistant up to 220oc.