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Ironing Boards

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Brabantia Ironing Boards

Brabantia's ironing board range has something to suit everyone's needs, whether you feel better using only the most essential ironing table or if you prefer the most professional one. Either way, Brabantia offers you the perfect ironing solution. There are several sizes of board available with a variety of different features such as pull-out iron rests, heat-resistant iron parking zones and linen racks.

There are 5 sizes of ironing board cover available and each is designed to specifically fit the corresponding Brabantia ironing board. The sizes are letter coded and are as follows:

A = 110cm x 30cm / 43 x 12 inches

B = 124cm x 38cm / 49 x 15 inches

C = 124cm x 45cm / 49 x 18 inches

D = 135cm x 45cm / 53 x 18 inches

E = 135cm x 49cm / 53 x 19 inches

All Brabantia ironing boards feature a safety lock so the board will not collapse unexpectedly, they are height adjustable so that you can find the most comfortable working level and they have a transport lock which will keep them closed for safe storage and transport. Also, each board is fitted with a Brabantia ironing board cover which is made from heavy duty cotton with a 2mm foam backing.

There is a great selection of Brabantia ironing boards to choose from, with a wonderful variety of different features and benefits, if you would like any advice or assistance to help you to choose the ironing board that is right for you, please feel free to contact our dedicated sales team on 01432 377089.