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Paper Bins

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  • Brabantia Waste Paper Bin 15 Litre
  • Brabantia Waste Paper Bin 7 Litre

Brabantia Waste Paper Bins

With Brabantia paper bins or bags, even your worst ideas can be stored! Extra safe for your office or very functional for your home. The 7 and 15 litre Brabantia household bins are a basic yet convenient open-topped waste storage solution, ideal for the bedroom, office, garage or any smaller rooms. Several finishes are available including black, white, brilliant steel or matt steel and the Brabantia paper bins also feature a variety of designs including straight sided, conical or waste paper bins with holes for a stylish and modern look.

Although the Brabantia waste paper bins can be used without a Brabantia bin liner, it is possible to use a bin liner if you wish. The 5 litre Brabantia bin will take a Size B bin liner. Brabantia do not manufacture a specific bin liner for the 7 litre bin, Brabantia bin liners coded either C or K will be suitable for this bin, the C is a 12 litre size bag so will fold over the sides of the bin a little bit, whereas the K is the compostable Brabantia bin bag designed to fit 10 litre bins. The 15 litre bin will require the Brabantia bin liner coded D. All Brabantia bin bags feature a convenient pull-string closure for quick and easy waste disposal.