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Touch Bins

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  • Brabantia Touch Bin 40 Litre

    Brabantia Touch Bin 40 Litre

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  • Brabantia Touch Bin New 30 Litre
  • Brabantia Bo Touch Bin 3x11 Litre
  • Brabantia Bo Touch Bin 11+23 Litre
  • Brabantia Perfume Your Bin Starter Set

Brabantia Touch Bins

With Brabantia's Touch Bin concept, waste storage will never be the same again. Controlling your waste has never been easier, one soft touch and your waste disappears, just like that. Brabantia Touch bins feature a removable inner bucket (excluding the 50 litre) for convenient cleaning and emptying. The innovative Soft-Touch mechanism offers simple, hygienic and silent opening and closing. Also featured in this department is the Brabantia Push Bin which has an extra-wide opening to prevent spills and it's generous 50 litre capacity provides adequate waste storage volume for larger families. The Brabantia Slide Bin also features here, this bin closes silently and automatically and has the option of being wall-mounted or freestanding. 

Brabantia Touch bins are made from durable, corrosion-resistant materials which makes them ideal for use in any room of the house. The Touch opening and closing system is particularly helpful in the kitchen as you are able to operate the bin even if you have your hands full and it is a hygienic method of waste disposal. The Brabantia Touch bin is available in a great selection of sizes, from 3 litre to the enormous 50 litre, and a fantastic range of stylish colours such as matt steel, brilliant steel, black, white and almond amongst others.

Brabantia pedal bins all come with a free pack of Brabantia bin liners which are specifically tailored to suit your chosen bin and all Brabantia Touch bins have a 10 year guarantee. Service parts are also available for purchase including replacement handles, replacement protective plastic rims, replacement lids, replacement inner buckets and several other items. For further advice on Brabantia pedal bins, Brabantia bin bags and service parts, please call our customer service team on (01432) 377089.