The Fine Bedding Company offer mattress and pillow protectors made with quality micro polyester cotton for enhanced wash performance, quick drying and crease resistance and luxurious mattress toppers with deeply filled pockets of soft and fluffy polyester cluster-fibre which bounces back to it's 2 inch / 5cm high loft. Protective pillow and mattress covers, enhancers and toppers will prolong the life of your pillow and mattress whilst ensuring a good night's sleep. The Pure Cotton pillow and mattress protectors are highly breathable and machine washable at home, overall the ideal protectors to keep your pillows and mattress fresh and comfortable. The Spundown pillow and mattress protectors are made from quality micro polyester cotton fabric for enhanced wash performance, quick drying, crease resistance and are washable at 60°C, the temperature that kills dust mites. The Deep Fill Cotton pillow and mattress protectors are filled with a blend of pure and reclaimed cotton for optimum comfort and softness.

Explore our range of pillow and mattress protectors, and mattress toppers all from The Fine Bedding Company. Mattress and pillow protectors aren’t just for children’s bedding, they’re great for keeping your mattress and pillows stain free as well as prolonging their lives, or revamping an older mattress. Our range includes hypoallergenic pillow protectors, waterproof pillow cases and mattress protectors, Spundown mattress protectors and cooling mattress toppers.

Mattress and Pillow Protectors