Hills Rotary Airers

Hills Vileda Airdry Ultra Heavy Duty Rotary Dryer
  • Ultra heavy-duty rotary airer with 2.7m turning circle.
  • Strong easy-clean line in different lengths.
  • 32mm pole
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Hills Vileda Portadry Heavy Duty Rotary Dryer
Free UK delivery
  • Weatherproof heavy-duty clothes line.
  • 32mm main support pole.
  • 35m or 45m of drying space
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Hills Handiline Rotary Dryer 35m 3 Arm
Free UK delivery
  • Adjustable to two positions with twist lift and lock system.
  • 35m drying area.
  • Sturdy 38mm pole diameter
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Hills Builders Special Rotary Airer 4 Arm 30m
Free UK delivery
  • 4 Arm 30m durable washing line with thick 57mm post.
  • Adjustable working height.
  • 10 year warranty
Was £242.95 NOW £233.95
Hills Supex 35m 4 Arm
Free UK delivery
  • Durable heavy-duty clothes line with 3.3m turning diameter.
  • Adjustable height.
  • 57mm main pole
Was £357.95 NOW £299.95

Hills Rotary Airers

A full range of durable, sturdy Hills rotary dryers including the airdry, portadry, handiline, supadry, builders special and supex.

Air Dry

Available with 3 arms or 4, with drying line ranging from 30m to 40m.


Available with 3 arms or 4, with drying line of 35m or 45m.


3 Arms with 35m of drying line.


4 Arms with 60m of drying line.

Builders Special

4 Arms with 30m of drying line.


4 Arms with 35m of drying line.