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G2 Post Boxes and Mailboxes

Avon Black
Free UK delivery
  • Wall mounted rectangular post box.
  • Covered posting slot.
  • Clear postbox window.
  • Black, red, silver, green, white
Trent Red
Free UK delivery
  • Front opening mailbox.
  • Rectangular wall mounted postbox.
  • Letterbox will hold A4 size mail
Aire Black
Free UK delivery
  • Robust steel postbox
  • Large capacity rectangular mailbox
  • Wall mounted letterbox with perspex viewing windows
Humber Black
Free UK delivery
  • Wall mounted rectangular postbox
  • Mailbox will take A4 size mail.
  • Weather and rust resistant letter box
Ouse Silver
Free UK delivery
  • Rectangular postbox
  • Stackable design mail box ideal for multiple occupancies.
  • Wall mounted letter box for larger mail
Rhondda White
Free UK delivery
  • Extra tall wall mounted postbox.
  • Rectangular wall mounted mail box.
  • Will comfortably take A4 mail
Teme Red
Free UK delivery
  • Classic design mailbox.
  • Wall mounted rectangular post box.
  • Pitched design postbox
Calder Silver
Free UK delivery
  • Wall mounted postbox.
  • Top posting slot with lift up lid.
  • Tapered design steel mail box
Mississippi Steel Green
Free UK delivery
  • USA style post box.
  • Weather and UV resistant mailbox.
  • Steel american style letter box
Tamar Newspaper Box
Free UK delivery
  • Secure newspaper safe.
  • Ideal for mail also.
  • Made from heavy duty galvanised steel
Tees Black
Free UK delivery
  • Large capacity postbox.
  • Integrated round newspaper holder.
  • Wall mounted mailbox
Green Severn Postbox
Free UK delivery
  • Top opening postbox with lid.
  • Made from weather resistant galvanised steel.
  • Large capacity mail box
Mersey White
Free UK delivery
  • Large capacity mailbox.
  • Galvanised steel rectangular letterbox with pitched roof.
  • Front opening postbox
G2 US Mailbox Aluminium Silver
Free UK delivery
  • High quality aluminium post box.
  • Weather and UV resistant.
  • USA style mail box with red post flag
Itchen Silver
Free UK delivery
  • Large wall mounted postbox.
  • Integrated newspaper holder.
  • Front door with covered mail slot
Secure Parcel Box
Free UK delivery
  • Anti-theft parcel safe.
  • Desgined for small to medium parcels.
  • Large front opening for easy access to your parcels

G2 Postboxes

G2's range features weather resistant galvanised or stainless steel postboxes in a variety of sizes, colours and styles. The range also includes stackable postboxes, suitable for multi-occupancy buildings or offices and the popular U.S. style mailbox. They also offer a range of newspaper and parcel recepticles designed to suit the needs of the modern online shopper. 

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