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Stove Fans And Accessories

Trial pack of Certainly Wood Flamers
  • Natural wood shaving firelighters.
  • Mini pack of three flamers.
  • Made in Herefordshire
Round replacement brush head
  • Suitable for most companion sets.
  • Replacement brush head.
  • 5cm diameter approx.
Replacement witches brush headItem on sale
Gift with purchase
  • Excellent quality replacement part.
  • Great for sweeping your home.
  • Replacement brush head
Round Replacement Brush HeadNew item
  • Replacement head for fireside brush.
  • Available in 2 sizes.
  • Sturdy bristles
Manor Firebrand Cement
  • Pliable, adhesive fire cement. 
  • Available in 500g or 1kg containers. 
  • Ideal to patch firebacks
from £2.95
Certainly Wood Firestarter Flamers
  • Suitable for wood burning appliances and BBQs.
  • Pack of 24 odourless flamers.
  • Made in Britain
Gas Fire MicafilNew item
  • Micafil for your gas fire.
  • Helps your fire last longer.
  • Reduces heat loss
Metal shovel with wooden handle
  • Black metal shovel with wooden handle.
  • Perfect for scooping coal.
  • 18cm or 23cm
from £3.45
1.5 metres of stove rope
  • Suitable for solid fuel stoves and boilers.
  • 12mm diameter, 1.5 length.
  • Glass fibre stove rope
from £3.45
Grate guard in Black
  • Bowed or stool grates from 12" upwards.
  • Helps prevent coals falling out.
  • Clips on to your grate
Manor Hotspot Lagging Rope
  • Glass fibre woven lagging rope.
  • Fits between surrounds & firebacks.
  • Can be used to fill gaps
Manor Fireguard Hook KitItem on sale
  • Securely fixes your fireguard to the fire.
  • Hook kit for classic Manor fireguards.
  • Black finish
Black grate polish cream
  • Covers minor scratches and rust.
  • Does not rub off when dry.
  • Improves appearance
Certainly Wood Firestarter Flamers (50 Pack)
  • Suitable for wood burning appliances & BBQs.
  • Odourless yet easy to light.
  • Box of 50
Slate oil bottle
  • Breathes new life into your existing slate.
  • Seals & protects natural slate.
  • 100ml bottle
Heatspot with built in brush
  • Bond sealing fibreglass or ceramic sealing rope.
  • Easy to apply.
  • No solvents
Metal coal tongs
  • Great for rearranging coals in your fire.
  • Fireside tongs with large grip handle.
  • 35cm in length.
Long handled shovel
  • Matching fireside accessories available.
  • Coal shovel with twisted handle.
  • 460mm long
Round heartside brush
  • Round hearth brush with black finish.
  • Hanging loop at end for storage.
  • 460mm long
Metal polish tube
  • Cleans, protects and shines all metal finishes.
  • Multi-use metal polish.
  • Easy to apply
Storage box in Cream
Gift with purchase
  • Perfect fireside accessories storage.
  • Fold down handle for carrying.
  • Cream or Grey available
Black protective gloves
  • Black one size gloves for handling logs and coals.
  • Heavy-duty protection.
  • Heat resistant gloves
Hotspot fireplace cleaner
  • Use on brick, stone, marble and more.
  • Removes smoke, soot and tar stains.
  • 500ml bottle
Manor Stove Paint Tin
  • Provides corrosion & abrasion resistance.
  • Matt black heat-resistant paint.
  • 100ml or 200ml
from £7.95
Spray on glass cleaner
  • Doubles as an oven glass cleaner.
  • For use with any type of glass.
  • Dissolves smoke stains
Black polish for cast iron
  • For solid fuel stoves, grates & surrounds.
  • Covers rust & chips.
  • 170g tin of polish
Fireside tool wall bracket
  • Perfect for the Loop and Eye accessory ranges.
  • Bracket with four robust hooks.
  • 3cm by 38cm wide
Manor Hotspot Heatbond 125ml
  • Bonds sealing rope onto solid fuel stoves. 
  • Easy to apply and remove.
  • Non-toxic fixative
Chestnut roaster with black finish
  • Perfect for roasting chesnuts over your open fire.
  • Decorative design on the dish.
  • 52 cm long
Tongs with hanging loop
  • Matching brush, shovel and poker available.
  • Sleek black with a distinctive twist.
  • Sturdy fireside tongs
Hotspot chimney cleaner
  • Helps break down creosote and tar deposits.
  • Suitable for stainless steel flues.
  • 750g pot
Manor Hotspot Stove Paint
  • Ultra-high temperature black paint.
  • Corrosion and abrasion resistant.
  • 150ml, 250ml or 450ml
from £9.95
Marble polish
  • Polish worn and dull marble surfaces.
  • Non-abrasive surface polish.
  • Contains 200ml of fluid
Spray glass cleaner
  • Quickly dissolves smoke stains & tar.
  • Use on stoves, firescreens etc.
  • 750ml spray
Manor Gunmetal Log TongsItem on sale
Gift with purchase
  • Extra long length - Approximately 80cm.
  • Metal tongs with hanging loop at end.
  • Stylish gunmetal finish
Medium CoalsNew item
  • Realistic ceramic gas fire coals.
  • Give your fire a new lease of life. 
  • Pack of 10
Matt black coal paint
  • Matt black paint for old ceramic coals.
  • Touch dry within three hours.
  • Colourfast up to 650°C
Manor Ash Vac Replacement Filter
Gift with purchase
  • Replacement filter system for Manor Ash Vac 3270.
  • Removes cold ashes.
  • One per pack
Matt black grate spray
  • High temperature paint for grates.
  • Aerosol containing 450ml.
  • Silk black finish
Helps to make your stove as efficient as possible
  • Thermometer to monitor temperature and performance.
  • Magnetic backed design.
  • 7 cm diameter
Fireplace sealer
  • For use on natural brick & stone.
  • Containing resins and oils.
  • Enhances natural look
Manor Stove Rope 25m Reel
  • Glass fibre woven rope.
  • Use for solid fuel stoves & boilers.
  • Use with stove rope fixative
from £19.95
Digital moisture meter
  • Battery and carry-case included.
  • Tests your logs for moisture.
  • LCD display with bar-graph
Manor Kidde Lifesaver Carbon Monoxide Alarm
  • Battery operated CO detector.
  • Test/reset button.
  • 10 year life span
Black ash hooverItem on sale
Free UK delivery
  • Remove cold ashes from your fireplace.
  • 1200w 'Ash Vac' vacuum cleaner.
  • 3 filter system
Stove fan in Satin BlackItem on sale
Free UK delivery
  • Gently circulates heat around the room.
  • Powered by heat from your stove.
  • Sleek black colour

Stove top fans gently circulate heat throughout the room and maximise energy from the stove and reduce fuel consumption. An economical and worthwhile investment for anyone who has a woodburner or a stove.

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