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Manor Log Baskets & Holders

Log Baskets and Log Holders from the Manor Fireside collection. Both are designed for practicality and attractive looks as the log basket or log holder sits next to your fire place. Log Wicker baskets are available in various styles and designs from small and round to large and oval as well as arched sided to a hamper effect with a lid. Metal log holders are also attractively built and can be used to carry the logs for burning yet are mostly desired sat next to the warm log burning fire.

Sourced from all over the world to ensure the highest quality and the most competitive of prices.

Fireside coal hods, Fireside coal buckets, Fireside log baskets and Fireside log holders.


Carry or hold your coal or logs in metal buckets, hods and holders or weaved wicker baskets. Available in a number of different sizes, styles and designs which complement your fire place.

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The measurements displayed for Manor Special Offers are provided by the manufacturer of the product and are approximate. The finishes displayed refer to the colour of the product and not the material it is made from. The actual finish of a product may vary slightly from that pictured.