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Manor Fire Fronts, Grates & Ash Pans

The fireside accessories from Manor Reproductions come in various designs. Fire fronts with an attractive look and are simple to fit, just place in front of the fire place and your'e done. Fire grates come in different sizes and can be used as a new fire place or as a replacement for either look and style or just replacing a worn out fire grate. We currently have three different styles of ash pan which are available in various sizes. Choose the ash pan that best suits your fireplace or which ever design you prefer providing it fits.

Guardette Fire Front, Bowed Fire Front, Cullis Fire Front, Chelsea Fire Front, Curved Fire Grate, Joyce Fire Grate, Classic Fire Grate, Regent Fire Grate, Chelsea Fire Grate, Victorian Fire Grate, Ash Pan Tool Handle, Standard Ash Pan, Taper Ashpan and Basket Ash Pan.


The measurements displayed for Manor Fire Fronts, Grates & Ash Pans are provided by the manufacturer of the product and are approximate. The finishes displayed refer to the colour of the product and not the material it is made from. The actual finish of a product may vary slightly from that pictured.