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  • Manor Classic Wedge Shaped Fireguard
  • Manor Classic Shaped Closed Top Fireguard
  • Manor Shaped Fireguard

    Manor Shaped Fireguard

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  • Manor Bullrush 3 Fold Fireguard
  • Manor Antique 3 Fold Fireguard

Manor Fireguards

Folding fire guards fit fire places snugly as you can direct each fold to where you need it. The folding fire guard is also an excellent choice if your fire place or fire surround are not quite straight as the movement helps fit the space. Spark guards come in one piece and are a smaller mesh type guard to help catch flying cinders or sparks. Shaped fire guards mostly come in one piece and have various shapes and designs to suit your taste. Nursery fire guards help protect young children and pets from getting burnt by the fire.


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