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An open fire is a wonderful feature to have in any home, once you've experienced the warmth of a fireside there is no doubt you wouldn't ever go without one again. Not only does it give your home an instant cosy ambience, it will also save you money on your energy bills. Using an open fireplace isn't as difficult as it may first appear, especially if you have the right tools for ease of use, and many fireside accessories complement your charming fireside perfectly; from companion sets to fire guards, solid fuel fire kits to attractive log baskets and even a set of bellows. Breathe life into your fire and heat up your home with all you need from Manor - the fireside specialists.

Fireside solid fuel fire kits, Fireside fire fronts, Fireside Grates, Fireside ash pans, Fireside folding fire guards, Fireside spark guards, Fireside shaped fire guards, Fireside nursery fire guards, Fireside traditional companion sets, Fireside modern companion sets, Fireside fuel carriers, Fireside coal hods, Fireside coal buckets, Fireside log baskets, Fireside log holders, Fireside dustpan and brush sets, Fireside matches and match Holders, and Fireside bellows.

It is quite often said that you can't beat an open coal fire although that may be just an opinion, to others it can be considered as gospel.