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  • Manor Vintage Companion Set

    Manor Vintage Companion Set

    £205.95 £164.95

Companion Sets consist of all the tools you will need to tend to your fire. A fireplace poker or often known as a stoker is used to adjust coals, wood and solid fuel burning in a fire place. Fireplace tongs which grip and are used for lifting and moving the coals or logs around the fire place. A dustpan or shovel is a tool for lifting and moving loose material from around the fire place assisted by the brush which is used to sweep the loose materials onto the shovel. A tool stand has the tools hanging on it so it not only looks good but it keeps the companion set tidy and at easy reach to the fire place.

The measurements displayed for Manor Traditional Companion Sets are provided by the manufacturer of the product and are approximate. The finishes displayed refer to the colour of the product and not the material it is made from. The actual finish of a product may vary slightly from that pictured.