Vermin Traps

Proctor Rat Trap Easy Setting Metal Spring Rat Trap
  • Steel self setting trap.
  • Easy set mechanism.
  • Hair breadth sensitivity
Was £3.49 FROM £1.99
Little Nipper - Rat Trap
  • Classic style rat trap.
  • For fast effective pest control.
  • Re-useable
from £3.49
Defenders Mole Tunnel Trap
  • Two-way traditional trap.
  • Suitable for use in frosty and wet conditions.
  • Low-cost control of moles
Was £4.49 FROM £3.99
The Big Cheese Live Catch Use Mouse Trap Twinpack
  • Simple tip-and-trap mechanism.
  • Baited, ready to use.
  • Welfare-friendly trap
Was £4.29 FROM £3.99
The Big Cheese Strongbox Rat Bait Station
  • Tamper resistant station
  • Safe application of poison
  • Protects pets and non-targets

Pest control traps for catching mice and rats, including traditional catch and kill traps, humane live catch traps and quick set traps for easy and effective control of vermin. Also available, mole traps and smokes for keeping moles at bay and keeping the lawn intact.

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