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Spares and Accessories

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  • Lafuma Anti-tilt Pads
  • Lafuma Bag For Recliners And Siesta L
  • Lafuma Flocon Fleece Throw For Recliners
  • Lafuma Foot Pads 20mm
  • Lafuma Foot Pads 25mm
  • Lafuma Littoral Beach Towel For Recliners
  • Lafuma Recliner Replacement Lacing Cords
  • Lafuma Replacement Canvas Maxi Transat

    Lafuma Replacement Canvas Maxi Transat

    £26.95 - £30.00
  • Lafuma Replacement Cham Elips Foot Protectors
  • Lafuma Replacement Futura Armrest Set
  • Lafuma Sunbed Replacement Lacing Cords
  • Lafuma Towel for Miami Sun Bed
  • Lafuma XL Storage Bag

Lafuma Accessories & Spares

Lafuma Accessories offer something extra for your Lafuma recliner, including towels which are ideal for additional comfort and protection of the padded or Batyline canvases for any larger Lafuma recliner, cup holders which can be attached to any Lafuma recliner and spares such as lacing cords are also available.