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  • Lafuma Recliner Replacement Lacing Cords
  • Lafuma Sunbed Replacement Lacing Cords
  • Lafuma R Clip Batyline ISO Recliner
  • Lafuma Flocon Fleece Throw For Recliners
  • Lafuma Sunshade

    Lafuma Sunshade

  • Lafuma Foot Pads 20mm
  • Terracotta Lafuma RSXA Clip Recliner
  • Lafuma Littoral Beach Towel For Recliners
  • Lafuma Maxi Transat Batyline ISO Deck Chair
  • Lafuma Transabed Batyline DUO Sunlounger
  • Lafuma Bag For Recliners And Siesta L
  • Lafuma Anti-tilt Pads
  • Lac Lafuma PH Folding Stool
  • Lafuma Futura Batyline DUO Clipped Recliner
  • Lafuma Alu Low Armchair
  • Lafuma Maxi Transat Plus Batyline DUO Deck Chair
  • Lafuma Foot Pads 25mm
  • Lafuma Replacement Canvas Maxi Transat
  • Obsidian Lafuma Replacement Canvas Futura Clip Batyline DUO
  • Eva Lafuma Futura Recliner Velio Mix
  • Lafuma Anytime Square Table
  • Obsidian Lafuma Replacement Canvas Miami Sunbed

Lafuma is a classic French brand which has combined strong fabrics with lightweight frames in the development of their range of outdoor tubular furniture. Add to this the French flair for design and you have a range of furniture that surpasses all others. They use only the highest grade components in the manufacture of their products. This creates outdoor furniture that is luxurious and relaxing to use, as well as pleasing to look at.

Lafuma Furniture