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Lafuma is a classic French brand which has combined strong fabrics with lightweight frames in the development of their range of outdoor tubular furniture. Add to this the French flair for design and you have a range of furniture that surpasses all others. They use only the highest grade components in the manufacture of their products. This creates furniture that is luxurious and relaxing to use, as well as pleasing to look at.

Garden furniture is specifically designed for outdoor use and is often called patio furniture or outdoor furniture. These chairs are classed as garden furniture because that is how they are most commonly used. Many people use them for relaxing in the conservatory and now more often they are used by reflexologists for administering reflexology where the patient is able to relax when the furniture is in the reclined position or simply sat upright. The manufacturer is a French company that has hugely evolved since 1930 when it was first founded by using innovation and manufacturing high quality products. Their recliner is a must have item for many individuals who wish to enjoy their garden in the summer.

All tube frames are made from steel. The RSXA recliner has a Batyline mesh fabric which is a water resistant stretchy fabric, the RSX recliner has padded material and both the RSX and the RSXA have elastic lacing cords and foam armrests. XL loungers are simply larger to suit taller and larger people. Futura relaxers have mesh fabric apart from the Air Comfort that has a padded breathable fabric that is quick drying. The Futura also has the clip system so the seat fabric can be removed for cleaning. The R-clip recliners have a removable Batyline mesh seat via the R-clip fixings (instead of cords) and the seat has a patented relaxer system for multiple positions. Accessories such as the cup holder, parasol and towels will enhance the consumer’s enjoyment and protective bags and covers will protect your chair from the wet weather.

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The frames are individual design innovations. In addition to the elegant lines of the frames, the Padded, Batyline and Airlon fabrics are carefully chosen to offer the height of comfort whilst adding a touch of style to your outdoor space. They are elegant enough to be used all year round at home, in the conservatory or garden house.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is so good about Lafuma recliners?

When you purchase a Lafuma recliner you are purchasing the original recliner. Any other recliners on the market are copies or imitations of the patented Lafuma design. Lafuma have developed their skills and expertise for over 50 years to bring you great looking and extremely comfortable recliners. The perfect blend of machine engineering and human eye for details ensures every Lafuma meets the incredibly high standards that you would expect.


Should I choose a clipped or laced recliner?

This is entirely down to personal preference and whichever you feel is most comfortable for yourself. Both the clipped and laced recliners have their advantages. The seat on the clipped recliners (the Futura and the R Clip) is easier to remove for cleaning as you simply just unclip it from the frame. The clips will provide you with a slightly firmer seat than if you chose a laced recliner.

The advantage of the laced recliners (the RSX) is that due to the elasticity of the laces the seat will give a little more offering a 'hammock-like' effect which many people find more comfortable. Over time the laces will slacken and will need to be replaced, in terms of comfort however, the laced recliners are second to none. 


Can I leave my Lafuma recliners out in a shower?

This depends entirely on which Lafuma recliner you have. Please read below carefully.

Any Lafuma recliner with a Batyline seat is perfectly fine to be left out in a shower. This, of course, does not mean that it is recommended to leave them out during the winter months or during extended periods of rain, but if you get caught out by the unpredictable British summer there is no need to rush to get the Lafumas in! The unique Batyline fabric is waterproof and the weave allows liquid to pass through. 

The galvanised steel frames used on some Lafumas means that if left out in a shower your chairs will be fine, however it is recommended to keep them dry where possible. The coating on the steel frames however does not eliminate the possibility of rust altogether so ideally frames should not be frequently exposed to water. Aluminium frames however are not susceptible to weather or age related wear and have shown that they really will stand the test of time.

If you have a padded recliner seat (a padded RSXA) then your recliner can NOT be left out in a shower. The padding in the seats will absorb the water which will cause the chair to discolour or deteriorate. 

The Futura Air Comfort in a exception to this; though the seat is padded, the cushioning will not absorb water and is ultra-quick to dry. This means that the Futura Air Comfort will be okay if caught in a shower, though as with all other Lafumas, it is recommended to avoid unnecessary exposure to moisture.