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  • LotusGrill Smokeless XL BBQ in Anthracite
  • LotusGrill Smokeless BBQ in Anthracite
  • LotusGrill Mini Smokeless Charcoal BBQ

BBQs and Accessories

Here at Philip Morris & Son we offer a fantastic range of gas and charcoal barbecues from Lotus Grill and Cadac International, in addition to a wide array of utensils and accessories for all of your outdoor cooking needs!

We also supply Bosmere covers so you can protect your BBQ from those miserable rainy days and keep it in tip top condition ready for next time!


What you'll find in this department:

BBQ & Grills: 

Throughout this department you will find a wide range of gas and charcoal barbecues from top brands Lotus Grills and Cadac International. Make sure you have nothing less than a proper breakfast when camping with Cadac's camping and portable barbecues and impress guests with Cadac's modern and stylish patio BBQ's.


Everything you need to go with your Cadac BBQ or LotusGrill including cleaning equipment and other useful products that help you make the most out of your barbecue.


The very best Bosmere covers to help keep your BBQ in tip-top condition and protect it from the elements.


All the spare parts you need to put your barbecue back to its former glory!