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Cadac Grillochef Portable Barbecue
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  • Cadac Grillochef tabletop barbecue.
  • Lightweight, compact, portable.
  • Non-stick BBQ griddle
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Cadac BBQs

Cadac have been creating their innovative barbecue and braai products for almost 70 years, and have always shown fantastic product quality. Their wide range of BBQs, accessories and fueling options show how serious they are about some serious barbecue food. Cadac was founded in South Africa, where it gained it inspiration from the love the country has for braai.

The Braai Life

Braai is Afrikaans for barbecue or grill, which is a very popular social custom in South Africa. Due to the mass farming culture and huge variety of meat, braai seemed like one of the best options to cook it all to enjoy especially in such some of the great weather South Africa receives in the summer months. Braai doesn't just describe the way you are cooking the food, but also the equipment you are using such as a grill or open fire with a grill plate. A braai has become something of a social occasion meaning they are always fun, full of friends and family. There is even a National Braai Day (National heritage Day, 24th September), which was originally thought to help bring people together.

Cadac's Big Five

You may have heard of the Big Five before, when people talk about Africa's vast species of animals that roam its lands. Well, inspired by their South African roots, Cadac have created their very own Big Five from the innovative barbecue technologies that they have created. First, we have Greengrill. This is Cadac's very own organic non-stick coating, which is more durable and can withstand higher heat than a normal non-stick coating. It's more environmentally friendly and hopefully by 2018 all Cadac grilling surfaces will be using it. Next, we have Cadac's Thermogrids. These enamelled steel grid provides even heat distribution and quicker heat up times. 3rd on the list is the easy clean features that each barbecue uses. The portable range of barbecues we stock all have fat pans, meaning you can simply drain away the fat. The next big feature is the modular functionality that each barbecue has; almost every barbecue can be changed and adapted to suit your style of cooking for each different food type. Finally, all Cadac barbecues are so simple to assemble thanks to their easy-to-follow manuals, clip/screw in parts, and less unnecessary parts. The portable barbecue collections allow you to braai in an instant, as they are ready to cook on as soon as you've bought one.