Felco Deluxe (12)

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 This pair of secateurs is ideal for prolonged pruning due to the rotating handle creating less effort. They are ideally suited for a small to medium hand-sized user


Key Features

  • This pair of secateurs is identical the the Felco No. 6, yet with the addition of a rotating handle
  • The rotating handle creates less effort for the user by spreading the muscular force evenly across all the fingers, meaning the user can keep working effectively for longer.
  • The handles have rubber shock absorbers and cushions to protect the wrist.
  • They come with a toothed centre nut for aligning the blades to ensure precise clean cutting.
  • The blade comes with a wire cutting notch and a sap grove.
  • The handles are made from lightweight but incredibly durable forged aluminium alloy covered in red plastic.
  • Length: 20cm
  • Weight: 265grams


FM12 478198


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