Corporate Social Responsibility

Having been in Hereford since 1845 Philip Morris & Son takes its position within its community very seriously. At the heart of any community is a family and Philip Morris & Son is led by the strong family values of the Jones family. John, Bruce, Bunty and Maurice run this independent country department store, and it is with these core people at its heart that Philip Morris & Son flourishes within the city of Hereford.

Philip Morris & Son values not only its customer base and loyal members of staff, but also the wider community and environment so that it can leave a lasting legacy for future Herefordshire generations. This has been continually demonstrated by the achievement of the ‘Investors in People’ award which was awarded for the third time in succession in 2008. Within this page, Philip Morris & Son demonstrate their corporate social responsibility within the community and its employee base.


Investment in employees

Philip Morris & Son offers various training courses to ensure their staff are not only safe in their workplace but also so that they can offer the best customer service possible. The following are examples of the courses offered to its staff:
• Manual handling
• First aid at work
• NVQ in Retail
• NVQ in Customer Service
• BHF Steps to Excellence
• Deaf Awareness Course
• Health and Safety


Environmental investments

At Philip Morris & Son we take our environmental impact seriously. We adhere to the Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment Directive (WEEE) issued by the European Union as well as taking steps into our own hands by providing a recycling box for batteries; recycle packaging; use recycled ink cartridges; use recycles paper for office work; recycle office paperwork (unless confidential which is shredded then recycled), and light sensors in stock rooms.


Charity work / Donations

The board of directors sit on numerous charitable committees around Hereford, such as Hereford Round Table and the Aiding the Industrious. The partners support these and other charities by sponsoring local events such as point-to-points, Hereford Cathedral School Marches 7’s, St. Michaels Hospice and McMillan Nurses coffee mornings and the Lions Club as well as many more worthy causes.