Cluson Engineering

Clulite A67 Filter Set for MG125
  • Clulite A67 coloured filters set.
  • Additional gunlight filters for MG125.
  • Adjust beam for situation
Clulite A74 Filter Set for GL17 Gunlight
  • Coloured filter set for GL17.
  • Red, amber and green filters.
  • Adjust shooting lamp colour
Clulite A69 Filter Set for PLR-400 Gunlight
  • Clulite coloured filter set.
  • Filter mounting bracket included.
  • Red, yellow and amber filters
Clulite Long Range Pistol Grip Light
Free UK delivery
  • Ergonomic handle grip style hunting light.
  • Handheld shooting lamp.
  • High powered rechargeable battery
Clulite Super Bright LED Gunlight
Free UK delivery
  • Powerful LED gunlight.
  • Super bright 125m spotlight beam.
  • Push button and universal scope mount included
Clulite Rechargeable Pistol Light
Free UK delivery
  • Rechargeable LED shooting light.
  • Ergonomic pistol grip style lamp.
  • Light beam reaches up to 400m
Clulite Clu-Briter Shooting Lamp Green
Free UK delivery
  • High powered shooting lamp.
  • Multi-function light beam settings.
  • Up to 20 hours of use on low beam
Clulite Red Eye Mounted Gunlight
Free UK delivery
  • Gun mounted shooting light.
  • Tinted red filtered LED lamp
  • Powerful 200 metre spotlight beam
Clulite Pro Scanner 1000 LED Gunlight
Free UK delivery
  • Lightweight wide beam LED gunlight.
  • High powered, rechargeable battery.
  • Light beam reaches up to 300m
Clulite Trio Pro LED Gunlight Package
Free UK delivery
  • Powerful gun mounted shooting lights.
  • Interchangeable filtered LED bulbs.
  • Rechargeable battery
Clulite Mini Laser LED Gunlight
Free UK delivery
  • Super bright 1000 lumens LED light.
  • Powerful light beam reaches up to 400m.
  • High powered gun mounted lamp