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End of Season Sale Spring Summer 2019

R.M. Williams Clothing

RM Williams Country Clothing

This brand remains at the forefront of Antipodean style, and the company has become world renowned for their Australian handcrafted boots such as the Stockyard, Yearling and Craftsman styles. In addition to this, the range also includes a wide variety of high quality shoes, clothing and accessories, with seasonal collections for both men and women.

The Original Bush Outfitters

FREE care products and UK mainland delivery with selected boots.


About the company

Best sellers and hidden gems

  • The best selling item in the range is the classic Comfort Craftsman boot. With its stylish, high quality design combined with the rugged, hardwearing and comfortable rubber sole, there's no surprise that this style appeals to a wide variety of people.



The company was established over 80 years ago by Australian legend Reginald Murray (“RM”) Williams. RM had an eclectic background, and during the course of his early life he had been a camel-boy, bushman, grazier, drover and horseman. However it was in 1932, whilst camped in South Australia’s remote Gammon Ranges, that his life changed direction. He met itinerant saddler “Dollar Mick” Smith, who was the person who taught RM about bush saddlery and leather work. Using these skills, and after much trial and error, RM fashioned his first pair of stockman’s riding boots. From these humble beginnings, the business has developed a world-wide reputation for manufacturing top quality footwear, clothing and accessories.

Thanks to the company’s principles of quality, authenticity and durability, they now export their quintessential Australian style across a network of over 900 stockists around the globe. Whether it’s the tough handcrafted boots such as the Stockyard or the classic Comfort Craftsman you’re after, or rugged long-lasting jeans, this is a brand you can be sure of.

If you'd like to read more about the company's history, please read our latest blog post.


Frequently asked questions

Are your products just available online?

We are proud UK stockists of this range, and whilst you can shop online for these products, we are happy to inform you that you can also purchase these items over the telephone (and you get to speak with one of our delightful customer service team!) or pop in and visit our store in Hereford. 

How should my boots fit?

The joy of owning a pair of boots made from such high quality leather is that they will mould to the unique shape of your feet after prolonged use. They should be snug around the ankles, across the instep and around the balls of your foot, but you shouldn't feel any pressure on your toes or balls of your foot by the toe cap area (as this section of the shoe will not change with use).

Are my boots waterproof?

The unique one-seam design of the boots means that they have few places for water to encroach onto your foot. However, they will need regular care and maintenance to continue to provide significant water resistant qualities.

How do I keep my boots looking their best?

Regular polishing and maintenance using the brand's own range of polishes and leather conditioners will help you to keep your boots looking as pristine as possible, for as long as possible.

Additionally, the boots come with two tug pulls as part of the design, and we recommend that you always use these to pull on your boots to help maintain their structural integrity.