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Meindl Boots and Footwear

Meindl Boots

Meindl Dovre GORE-TEX BootsItem on special offer
Free UK delivery
  • Meindl Dovre designed for mountaineering.
  • Ankle GORE-TEX® waterproof boots.
  • Robust Vibram sole
Was £279.99 NOW £248.95
Meindl Dovre Extreme GORE-TEX BootsItem on special offer
Free UK delivery
  • Meindl Dovre Extreme hiking boot.
  • GORE-TEX® waterproof lining.
  • Robust Virbam sole
Was £309.99 NOW £279.95
Meindl Glockner GORE-TEX BootItem on special offer
Free UK delivery
  • Meindl GORE-TEX® Boots.
  • Robust nuckbuck leather hiking footwear.
  • Multigriff Vibram sole
Was £314.99 NOW £284.95

Meindl History

Meindl Footwear originated from the small town of Kirchanshöring in the south-east of Germany, next to the Austrian border. The shoe making tradition dates all the way back to 1683 in Meindl family, when Petrus Meindl first starting hand making shoes. In the late 1920's Lukas Meindl followed the tradition of his family and carried on crafting shoes but took it a step further to create his own company, this was the start of Meindl footwear. 5 years later, Lukas decided to start making clothes as well. In 1948 Alfons Meindl, Lukas' son joined the family business. At this point there was only 10 people working for the company. A year after joining the business, Alfons traveled to Munich for a shoe fair where he exhibited the handcrafted Meindl shoes. In 1955, Hannes Meindl, Alfons' brother, joined the business; he worked hard and now runs the clothing section of the company. After the death of their father, Lukas in 1974, the two sons started running the business. The company started to move manufacturing to neighbouring countries and cities to help find more qualified people to employ. In the late 1970's Meindl won the German Footwear championships, and helped Hubert Hillmayer conquer Mount Everest in a pair of their hiking boots. In 1981, Meindl were one of the first European companies to start working with GORE-TEX® and created their AIR-ACTIVE sole technology. 1990 saw the 11th generation of Meindl's start working for the company with Lukas Meindl Jr. In 1997 Meindl saw production rise to 750,000 pairs of boots a year, which meant they needed to increase their warehousing and office space. Between 1999 and 2005 Meindl won various awards such as 'Best hiking boot' from the readers of Germany's 'Outdoor' magazine and 3 different awards from Britain's 'Trail' magazine.

Meindl Technology

GORE-TEX® waterproof & breathable lining helps keep your feet dry in all weather conditions but also helps to regulate foot temperature thanks to the impressive GORE-TEX® lining. The amazing lining can withstand up to 700 times more water that of a non waterproof boot. This is thanks to the outstanding technology GORE has creating in ensuring their products are impenetrable.

Multigriff sole designed by Vibram specifically for Meindl boots. The Multigriff sole provides incredible strength and durability, good grip, damping properties and self cleaning hallmarks all helps to keep your boot at the top of its game. Research to create designs like the Multigriff is carried out by the University of Tubingen.

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