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Dubarry Boots, Clothing and Accessories

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Dubarry have been producing high quality footwear, clothing and accessories for over 70 years, and it is their combination of heritage and expertise that lies at the heart of their success. Dubarry put in a huge amount of time and skill into developing their products, and the quality of these items shines through time and again. This is why it is not only recognised the UK, but the world over, and worn by those who appreciate the best.


Dubarry boots are recognised as some of the best country boots on the market and are worn and loved by people all over the world. They have boots for all of your country needs, be it a pair of Dubarry Galway boots for shooting, or a pair of Dubarry Ladies Cork or Mens Kerry boots for more formal occasions. Plus, did you know that there is a range of Dubarry care items that have been specifically created to help you keep your Dubarry boots looking great for as long as possible? The range includes specifically formulated care products, boot bags and boot hooks, as well as nifty boot trees!




One of Ireland’s most respected and a successful company’s, this company was established in 1937 as a co-operative to provide work for the small Irish town of Ballinasloe. Local craftspeople sourced the best of materials, combined them with unique designs and created stylish and hardwearing footwear. The company soon established an enviable reputation for producing fine quality footwear, both in the UK and abroad (such as the Galway, Longford and Clare boots), and the rest is history!

Although the production of the footwear moved to Portugal in 2004, the head office of the company, including the product development team, marketing and distribution, are still located in the original town of Ballinasloe, County Galway. As such a local company that has employed several generations of the same local families, their employees still hold a deep-rooted pride to design and create the best possible products.


Where does the name come from?

When the company originally formed back in the 1930’s, the founders of the co-operative wanted to create a unique identity for themselves. To differentiate themselves from the other shoe brands of the time, they decided that they would like a distinctly continental Europe sound to their name. After much research they decided upon Dubarry of Ireland.

Why Dubarry? Well the Madame du Barry was a famous French courtesan. She started off life as the illegitimate daughter of a rural seamstress, but thanks to her enticing beauty was soon a successful courtesan. When she came to the attention of King Louis XV of France, he was so entranced that she soon became maitresse-en-titre (the chief mistress). Thanks to this title the Comtesse (as she had become known) enjoyed a high status amongst French society and lived a life of privilege all the way up to the French revolution. It was this exclusivity and luxuriousness that the founders wished to evoke.

However, Dubarry like to link back to their Irish heritage naming their iconic boots after areas of Ireland. The Galway boot, for instance, is named after the county on the west coast of Ireland that is famous for its horse races, and the Longford is named after a county in the middle of the country famous for its beautiful, wild scenery. Infact, nearly every piece in the Dubarry collection takes it's name from something linked to Ireland.


What makes this brand so special?


There are many reasons why Dubarry’s clothes, footwear and accessories are worn by sporting legends, Royal family members and dog walkers alike! First of all, their footwear is made from specially tanned leather, which will dry up to 70% quicker than other leather types whilst remaining soft and supple. It is also made from the full cowhide, which gives the boots their unique appearance (each one will have its own quirks and imperfections). Their boots also have directly moulded soles that create a perfect water-tight seal, as well as being ‘stirrup friendly’.


Next the fabrics chosen are always selected to be ‘best in class’. They range from durable weather resistant fabrics such as GORE-TEX®, which have been designed to keep you dry and comfortable no matter the weather (particularly useful in the UK!), to fine pure wool tweeds that give each item a classic look.


Finally, probably the greatest secret behind Dubarry's success is their staff. Each one is fiercely proud of their heritage. However they are not afraid to push the boundaries of their designs to ensure that each item, from their boots and clothing to their bags and accessories, is of the highest quality, comfort and durability whilst retaining their stylish looks. They have even designed and manufactured their very own footwear care product range, to ensure that you can keep your Dubarry boots looking their very best.


Philip Morris & Son are proud UK Dubarry stockists. We ar one of the largest Dubarry stockists in the country and all of our items are available online, instore and over the telephone. Please contact us on 01432 377 089, or call into our Hereford stores for further information on any of these products.