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Footwear Accessories

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  • Dubarry Replace A Lace Kit
  • Dubarry Leather Colour Restorer Cream Black
  • Dubarry Footbeds (New Sizes)
  • Dubarry Boot and Shoe Conditioner

The accessories range is home to lots of lots of products; some which you may already know of and others that you didn't realise you needed in your life! Not only does it include everything that you need to take care of your leather products, such as specially formulated leather cleaners, leather conditioners and leather protectors, but also products to enhance your footwear collection such as boot bags, furry boot liners and boot trees. Additionally, the range also includes a wide variety of hats, headwear, scarves and other items to keep you warm and cosy in the cooler months.


Boot care FAQ

How should I care for my boots?

The company has created a bespoke range of footwear products to help you maintain the quality of your footwear. However, there are other more general steps that can be taken to help keep your shoes looking their best:


How should I store my footwear?

We recommend that you follow the guidelines below to get the best out of your purchase: