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Blundstone Leather Footwear

Blundstone Leather Footwear

Classic 500 Round Toe Chelsea Boots in Stout Brown
Free UK delivery
  • Tough leather Chelsea boot.
  • Comfortable interior.
  • Detailed stitching
Was £140.00 NOW £111.95
Classic 510 Chelsea Boots Black
Free UK delivery
  • Leather chelsea ankle boots.
  • Premium leather.
  • Lightweight and durable
Was £140.00 NOW £111.95
Blundstone Comfort 587 Rustic Black
Free UK delivery
  • Premium black leather chelsea boots.
  • Shock absorbing heel.
  • Round toe
Was £150.00 NOW £111.95
062 Chisel Toe Chelsea Dress Boots in Stout Brown
Free UK delivery
  • Leather Chelsea boot.
  • Chisel toe structure.
  • Smart and sophisticated style
Was £140.00 NOW £114.95
063 Chelsea Dress Boots in Black
Free UK delivery
  • Unisex chisel toe chelsea boots.
  • Premium leather construction.
  • Smart, sophisticated style
Was £140.00 NOW £114.95
Blundstone 1450 Rustic Brown
Free UK delivery
  • Lace up leather boots.
  • Comfort outsoles.
  • Durable, all day comfort
Was £130.00 NOW £114.95
Comfort 550 Round Toe Chelsea Boots in Walnut
Free UK delivery
  • Fashionable and practical.
  • Comfy leather Chelsea boots.
  • Poron®XRD insoles
Was £150.00 NOW £119.95
Comfort 585 Round Toe Chelsea Boots in Rustic Brown
Free UK delivery
  • Shock absorbing technology.
  • Leather/synthetic lined boot.
  • Rounded toe
Was £150.00 NOW £119.95
Blundstone 1445 Boots in Grizzly Brown
Free UK delivery
  • Premium leather chelsea boots.
  • Leather lined for comfort.
  • Oil, acid and fat resistant
Was £155.00 NOW £123.95
Blundstone 1464 Chelsea Boots in Pebble Grey
Free UK delivery
  • Round toe leather chelsea boots.
  • Fully leather lined.
  • Dual-density comfort sole
Was £155.00 NOW £123.95
Blundstone Comfort 584 Chelsea Boots in Rustic Brown
Free UK delivery
  • Mens thermal chelsea boots.
  • Thinsulate™ insulation.
  • Sheepskin footbed for added warmth
Was £180.00 NOW £143.95

Blundstone Leather Footwear

It all began in 1853 with a journey of two brothers across the sprightly seas from England to Melbourne. James and Thomas Cuthbertson were sailing towards their new home, which was until the blusterous winds had another plan in mind for them. With the strong gusts blowing, their ship was sent to Hobart Town in Tasmania, where in a few years time the iconic Blundstone company would originate from.

Founded in 1870, Blundstone boots are inspired by the untamed natural surroundings of Tasmania, along with their farming heritage. From day one, Blundstone have been determined (and very successful) in creating top-quality boots for both men and women. Their diverse boots have been specifically designed to grapple with the Tasmanian countryside, whilst also remaining stylish at the same time.

In the production of their boots, Blundstone has remained respectful to their surrounding environment by maximising the use of raw material, chemicals and fossil fuels. This shows that they take pride in the manufacturing of their footwear, as well as their home in which they reside.


Why choose Blundstone boots?

There are multiple reasons for why you should choose Blundstone boots; they are practical, stylish and hard-wearing. Blundstone put their heart and soul into making protective and supportive footwear for their customers, which is why they are constantly pushing the boundaries of technology to bring you the very best footwear that is available. Here are a few points to take into consideration when choosing Blundstone leather footwear:


High Quality Leather - Blundstone are extremely particular when it comes to the quality of leather for their boots, as they will only use the very best from the top tanneries. The advantage of using superior quality leather is that it will increase the longevity of your boots, as well as help to protect your feet for years to come.


***In order to keep your leather boots in top condition they will need to be treated from time to time, just like any other leather product. Treating your boots will prevent the leather from drying out and becoming cracked, which will also re-proof them.***


XRD® Technology - Designed to protect your feet by absorbing the harsh vibrations that can be felt when walking on tough terrains. This can be found incorporated into the soles and heels of Blundstone boots.


Spring Soles - Put a spring in your step with Blundstone's spring toe soles. This particular type of sole can be found in the Original 500 series, where it has been designed to help promote energised walking.


Care and Attention - But most importantly they have been made with complete care and consideration for your feet. Blundstone are first and foremost dedicated to the quality of their boots.


Blundstone Boots at Philip Morris and Son

Amongst our wide range of Blundstone boots you will find The Original 500 Series, the leather lined 550 Series, along with stylish boots in the Dress Series. If you have any questions about any of the products that we stock, then please feel free to contact us on 01432 377 089, where a member of our Customer Service team will be on standby to help.