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Barbour Womens Quilted Jackets

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Ladies Barbour Quilted Jackets

Barbour's popular quilted gilets and jackets provide exceptional warmth without being bulky, stylishly cut and available in a multitude of designs and colours. Attention to detail is gorgeous prints that brighten collars and cuffs to give a modern interpretation to traditional styles.

This season has seen the quilted jacket take over as the fashion must have, a trend that has been growing in menswear for a while but has now taken over in ladies wear in a big way. Probably the biggest brand in the quilted jacket revolution is Barbour, and we’re proud to have been stocking their jackets for many years already giving us a fantastic knowledge from which to help you out with your purchase.

Quilted jackets are by their very nature warm, as the quilting is essentially a way of keeping a nicely insulated layer of internal wadding in place. Many of Barbour’s quilts have the added bonus of having a fleece lining inside, as well as the quilting, making them a really great choice if you feel the cold.

Also available from Barbour are a number of ‘flyweight quilts, ideal for the summer when you just need to keep the chill off, but don’t want the bulk or weight of a more traditional quilt.

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  • Barbour Annis Quilt Jacket
  • Barbour Backstay Quilt
  • Barbour Beadnell Polarquilt Jacket
  • Barbour Bernera Quilt
  • Barbour Cavalry Polarquilt Jacket
  • Barbour Coledale Quilted Jacket
  • Barbour Combe Polarquilt
  • Barbour Endrick Quilted Jacket
  • Barbour Evelyn Quilted Jacket
  • Barbour Formby Quilted Jacket
  • Barbour Gondola Quilt
  • Barbour Hawse Quilt
  • Barbour Highgate Quilt Jacket
  • Barbour Irisa Jacket

    Barbour Irisa Jacket

    £189.00 £139.95
  • Barbour Isobath Quilt
  • Barbour Jasmine Quilt
  • Barbour Lawers Quilt
  • Barbour Longshore Quilted Jacket
  • Barbour Overwash Quilted Jacket
  • Barbour Rowlock Quilt
  • Barbour Seaward Quilted Jacket
  • Barbour Sundrum Quilt
  • Barbour Trevose Jacket

    Barbour Trevose Jacket

    £199.00 £148.95
  • Barbour Ullswater Quilt
  • Barbour Vartersay Quilt
  • Barbour Victoria Quilt
  • Barbour Weymouth Quilt Jacket
  • Barbour X Emma Bridgewater Elise Quilt