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Alan Paine Menswear

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  • Alan Paine Burford V Neck Sweater
  • Alan Paine Axford Breeks
  • Alan Paine Axford Cap
  • Alan Paine Axford Coat
  • Alan Paine Axford Waistcoat
  • Alan Paine Aylsham Mens 1/4  Zip Fleece
  • Alan Paine Aylsham Mens Fleece Jacket
  • Alan Paine Aylsham Mens Fleece Waistcoat
  • Alan Paine Aylsham Shooting Waistcoat
  • Alan Paine Aylsham Windblock Fleece Jacket
  • Alan Paine Berwick Waterproof Breeks
  • Alan Paine Berwick Waterproof Coat

    Alan Paine Berwick Waterproof Coat

    £129.95 - £249.95
  • Alan Paine Berwick Waterproof Waistcoat
  • Alan Paine Combrook Baseball Cap
  • Alan Paine Combrook Breeks
  • Alan Paine Combrook Cap
  • Alan Paine Combrook Coat
  • Alan Paine Combrook Extended Peak Cap
  • Alan Paine Combrook Field Coat
  • Alan Paine Combrook Waistcoat
  • Alan Paine Dorset Crew Neck Sweater
  • Alan Paine Felwell Quilted Gilet
  • Alan Paine Hampshire V Neck Sweater
  • Alan Paine Ilkley Mens Shirt
  • Alan Paine Loden Breeks
  • Alan Paine Loden Cap
  • Alan Paine Loden Mens Waistcoat
  • Alan Paine Millbrook V Neck
  • Alan Paine Richmond Unisex Felt Hat
  • Alan Paine Rutland Breeks
  • Alan Paine Rutland Cap
  • Alan Paine Rutland Coat
  • Alan Paine Rutland Shooting Waistcoat
  • Alan Paine Rutland Waistcoat
  • Alan Paine Stratford Crew Neck Sweater
  • Alan Paine Stratford V Neck Sweater

Alan Paine Country Clothing Menswear Collection

The Alan Paine gents country clothing collection is a range of quality, stylish and functional country clothing designed to exceed the expectations of todays discerning customers. The range comprises of coats, waistcoats. fleeces, breeks and caps made using the finest textiles and offers a multidue of options for the country sportsman.


Mens Coats

Mens coats from Alan Paine are amongst the highest quality coats we offer here at Philip Morris and Son. Tweed shooting coats are the backbone of their mens collection. The ever popular Combrook (previously Compton) and Rutland tweed coats offer a multitude of shooting features and are fully waterproof and breathable. Also available are the stylish Loden coat, the waterproof Durham shooting coat and the classic Sandhurst wax jacket. All of these coats make a great addition to any country wardrobe and will keep you protected in the field or in the town.


Mens Fleece

No country wardbrobe would be complete without a good quality fleece. The Aylsham fleece jacket from offers excpetional versatility. It can be worn as a standalone piece over a shirt on mild days or worn under a coat for those exceptionally cold days. The Aylsham fleece jacket can also be zipped in to a number of their shooting coats. The Aylsham half zip is also ideal for wearing in both town and country and looks fantastic too.



A range of breeks is also available in this collection. The Combrook and Rutland ranges come with matching breeks to complete your shooting suit. There is also the Loden Breeks which can be partnered with a matching jacket.



Shirts are a staple of any country wardrobe and have been a favourite since the Country Collection was introduced back in 2009. The Shirts in this range are designed in a range of stylish checks and come in a shooting fit (Ilkley Shirt) or regular fit (Aylesbury Shirt)