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Aigle Menswear

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  • Aigle Bussun Gilet

    Aigle Bussun Gilet

    £100.00 £74.95
  • Aigle Courtal 3 in 1 Jacket

    Aigle Courtal 3 in 1 Jacket

    £260.00 £233.95
  • Aigle Courtal Overtrousers

    Aigle Courtal Overtrousers

    £70.00 £62.95
  • Aigle Darbes Waterproof Jacket
  • Aigle Huntino Jacket

    Aigle Huntino Jacket

    £185.00 £166.95
  • Aigle Huntjack Shirt

    Aigle Huntjack Shirt

    £50.00 £37.95
  • Aigle New Garrano Fleece Jacket
  • Aigle NEW Shepper Fleece Gilet
  • Aigle Redul Fleece Jacket

    Aigle Redul Fleece Jacket

    £85.00 £76.95
  • Aigle Redul Fleece Vest

    Aigle Redul Fleece Vest

    £65.00 £58.95
  • Aigle Sirious Jacket

    Aigle Sirious Jacket

    £230.00 £206.95
  • Aigle Valefleece Jacket

    Aigle Valefleece Jacket

    £90.00 £67.95
  • Alan Paine Felwell Quilted Gilet
  • Aigle Benyl Vest

    Aigle Benyl Vest

    £90.00 £80.95

Aigle Menswear

Aigle Jackets:

With their unmistakable style, Aigle's jackets are always a safe bet, no matter the weather. If you're after the perfect shooting coat, then look no further than Aigle's courtal jacket. Waterproof, breathable and windproof it is the ideal coat for a day out shooting. Combining style with practicality, this coat is a must have for the shooting / hunting enthusiast.

Alternatively if you're less into shooting and more into fishing and are after more of a casual jacket then Aigle's Darbes jacket is your best bet. This jacket can be worn on casual and smart occasions and as well as being incredibly smart and stylish it is also very effective at keeping you warm, dry and comfortable. Waterproof, breathable and lightweight, this jacket comes with four pockets. The two outer pockets are lined with a warm material ensuring your hands will be warm in the winter and the two inner pockets make this jacket ideal for securing your valuables close to you.

If you're a bit of a traveller and you're constantly on the move, it can be a pain to carry a coat around with you if took it because it was raining but now suddenly it's warm and sunny. Aigle's woodfielder 3 in 1 jacket offers the perfect solution to this problem as not only is it a fantastic coat that is once again waterproof, windproof and breathable but is also packs into a small bag making it exceptionally versatile.