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Aigle Footwear | Philip Morris & Son

Aigle Footwear

Brown - Side
Free UK delivery
  • Ladies wellington boot inspired by the men's range.
  • Equestrian design & contoured shape.
  • Handmade in France
Was £89.95 NOW £74.95
Free UK delivery
  • Lightweight and flexible design.
  • Designed with hunting in mind.
  • Unisex wellington boots
Was £98.95 NOW £84.95
Black - Side
Free UK delivery
  • Ladies faux fur lined boot. 
  • Equestrian style & feminine shape. 
  • Handmade in France by master craftsmen
Was £109.95 NOW £89.95
Free UK delivery
  • Lightweight hunting boot with adjustable gusset.
  • Quick drying polyamide lining.
  • Shock absorbing sole
Was £104.95 NOW £89.95
Free UK delivery
  • Men's Gore-Tex Hunting & Walking shoe. 
  • Waterproof & durable.
  • GTX membrane
Was £164.95 NOW £114.95
Free UK delivery
  • Unisex Gomma Plus natural rubber wellingtons.
  • Comfortable strong wellies.
  • Shock absorbing sole
Was £130.00 NOW £114.95
Free UK delivery
  • Anti-fatigue wellingtons for all calves.
  • Quick drying polyester lining.
  • Shock absorbing soles
Was £145.00 NOW £129.95
Free UK delivery
  • Unisex natural rubber wellington boot.
  • Warm Neoprene lining.
  • Shock absorbing sole
Was £190.00 NOW £169.95
Free UK delivery
  • Mens or womens Gomma Plus® natural rubber.
  • Protection from the wet and cold.
  • Unisex boots with full zip
Was £205.00 NOW £189.95
Parcours 2 Signature in Brown
Free UK delivery
  • Leather lined wellington with gusset.
  • Shock absorbing sole.
  • Adjustable side tabs
Colours: More
Was £295.00 NOW £244.95

Aigle Footwear

The majority of Aigle's boots are manufactured by hand in France, by Aigle's maître caoutchoutier (master rubber craftsman) who have adopted and perfected their technique which, like Aigle, has been ongoing since 1853. 

At their Chatellerault plant in France 200 craftsmen produce 4000 pairs of hand-made boots every day! High standards of quality and attention to detail are at the heart of all their designs in order to guarantee you with a durable and essential product, meaning your money is well invested in an Aigle boot.

Quality control procedures have been put in place by Aigle when manufacturing their boots so as to guarantee that their customers have the best products. Every single last pair of boots that are lovingly handmade in Aigle's factory are tested and verified by their own internal procedures and also verfieid externally by the CTC.  

When making their boots Aigle follow their own unique specific process that allows natural rubber to obtain unique characteristics of comfort and strength. This is acheived by mixing raw rubber with a number of other materials. All Aigle boots go through a process called 'calendering' which means processing the rubber in to thin layers with specific thicknesses and width, which are then used to layer the linings of the boots. 

The process by which Aigle boots are manufactured is extremely detailed and has been perfected over Aigle's 160 year history. It takes one of Aigle's Master Craftsman a full two years of training in order to master the 60 steps of production which are required to manufacturer one boot. 

The rubber of Aigle's boots is natural and organic. 2kg of rubber are needed to make just one pair of Aigle boots!