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Barbour Sale

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  • Bay Leaf Green Barbour Womens Lola Gilet

    Barbour Womens Lola Gilet

    £119.00 £78.95
  • Navy Barbour Mens Thermo Overshirt
  • Navy Barbour Mens Essential Fleece Zip Through
  • Olive Barbour Mens Moorhouse Overshirt
  • Chilli Red Barbour Mens Cooper Jacket

    Barbour Mens Cooper Jacket

    £149.00 £97.95
  • Navu/Blue Mist Barbour Womens Millford Showerproof Coat
  • Mid Blue Barbour Mens Madras 9 S/S Tailored Shirt
  • Inky Blue Barbour Mens Madras 8 Tailored Shirt
  • Blue Barbour Mens Madras 6 Tailored Shirt
  • Ecru Barbour Mens Madras 10 Tailored Shirt
  • Navy Barbour Mens Ingleton Jacket

    Barbour Mens Ingleton Jacket

    £199.00 £130.95
  • Stone Barbour Mens Highland 26 Regular Shirt
  • Stone Barbour Mens Bromar Jacket

    Barbour Mens Bromar Jacket

    £199.00 £130.95
  • Navy Barbour Womens Padstow Knit

    Barbour Womens Padstow Knit

    £69.95 £45.95
  • Washed Navy Barbour Mens Sealton Shirt

    Barbour Mens Sealton Shirt

    £64.95 £42.95
  • Navy Barbour Mens Tember Quilted Jacket
  • White Barbour Womens Merseyside Knit
  • Brown Barbour Mens Highland Check 39 Tailored Shirt
  • Washed Blue  Barbour Mens Brimlad Crew

    Barbour Mens Brimlad Crew

    £79.95 £52.95
  • Multi Barbour Womens Auklet Knit

    Barbour Womens Auklet Knit

    £84.95 £55.95
  • Classic Tartan
  • Navy Barbour Womens Beadnell Polarquilt Jacket
  • Deep Pink/Navy Barbour Womens Backstay Quilted Jacket
  • Navy Barbour Mens Allund Wax Jacket

    Barbour Mens Allund Wax Jacket

    £229.00 £150.95
  • Dusty Green Barbour Mens Luxury Winter Heritage Liddesdale
  • Cloud Barbour Womens Ramble Overlayer

    Barbour Womens Ramble Overlayer

    £45.95 - £55.95
  • Off White Barbour Womens Skysail Knit

    Barbour Womens Skysail Knit

    £45.95 - £55.95
  • Barbour Mens Winter Heritage Liddesdale Quilt Jacket
  • Barbour Mens Weldon Wax Jacket

    Barbour Mens Weldon Wax Jacket

    £219.95 £144.95
  • Barbour Womens Ridley Shirt

    Barbour Womens Ridley Shirt

    £69.95 £45.95
  • Multicoloured Barbour Mens Nine Square Scarf
  • Olive/Classic Barbour Womens Norwood Wax Jacket
  • Green Barbour Mens Highland Check 32 Tailored Shirt
  • Black Barbour Mens Hafden Wax Jacket

    Barbour Mens Hafden Wax Jacket

    £279.00 £183.95
  • Ancient Tartan Barbour Evanton Tartan Scarf

    Barbour Unisex Evanton Tartan Scarf

    £24.95 - £29.95
  • Black Barbour Womens Glencoe Wax Jacket

The Barbour sale is not a clothing clearance sale you want to miss out on. Our Barbour sale range offers anything from timeless classic styles to a more unique limited edition. In this Barbour sale we have both Barbour wax jackets in both relaxed and more structured styles and different lengths. Barbour are amazing jackets to invest in, they are made to the highest quality, our wax jackets are produced in South Shields. We also offer a re-waxing waxing service to keep your Barbour sale jacket waterproof - just pop instore. Our Barbour sale includes both quilted and wax jackets.

Barbour Sale Clearance Clothing