Brabantia PerfectFit Bin LinersItem has video
  • All sizes of Brabantia bin bags available.
  • Sealing band making for easy removal.
  • Strong and durable bin bags
from £2.30
Brabantia Essential Crown Cap Lifter
  • Sturdy, plastic grip
  • Stainless steel hanging loop
  • Dishwasher safe
Replacement cover in Ecru
  • A fresh start for a Brabantia sleeve board. 
  • Constructed from a heavy duty pure cotton. 
  • Easy to fit and washable
  • Was £4.75 NOW £3.95
    Starter set (Holder plus one capsule)
    • Complete starter set and refills of pine and flower.
    • Reduces and eliminates waste odours.
    • Perfume capsule is refillable
    Was £4.15 FROM £3.95
    Brabantia Essential Apple Corer
    • Steel apple corer.
    • Sturdy and durable plastic grip.
    • Stainless steel hanging loop
    Clothes brush in Dark Grey
    • Picks up lint, dust, pet hair and more.
    • Ergonomic grip handle.
    • Double velour pads
    Was £5.00 NOW £4.45
    Protective ironing cloth in white, with mint trim
    • Suitable for temps below 200°C.
    • Helps provide protection.
    • See-through design
    Was £5.00 NOW £4.45
    Brabantia Tasty+ Food Y-Peeler Plus ZesterNew item
    • Peeler and zester in one.
    • Hanging loop & dishwasher safe.
    • Economical peeling
    Brabantia Essential Food Peeler
  • Sturdy Plastic Grip With Stainless Steel Hanging Loop
  • Durable And Dishwasher Safe

    Code ANew item
    • Bin bag dispenser packs, all sizes available.
    • Precisely tailored to fit Brabantia bins.
    • Extra strong HDPE plastic
    from £4.75
    Brabantia Tasty+ Food Peeler Plus ZesterNew item
    • Double-sided stainless steel blade with eye-picker.
    • Peel and zest fruit and veg with ease.
    • Hanging loop
    Set of 6 vials
    • Six clear, odour free and convenient capsules.
    • Perfect for hard water areas.
    • Holds 14ml 
    Was £5.75 NOW £4.95
    Pack of ironing board clips
    • Helps keep ironing board covers taut.
    • Fits any board cover.
    • Universal clips
    Was £6.00 NOW £5.45
    Bra and delicates wash bag
    • Flexible bag for small laundry items.
    • Protective cover for pull-tab.
    • White with pink trim.
    Was £5.95 NOW £5.45
    Brabantia Tasty+ Small Chopping BoardNew item
    • Double sided small chopping board.
    • Great for dicing, slicing, chopping and cutting.
    • Dishwasher safe
    Brabantia Smart Pegs
    • No rust - 100% plastic construction.
    • Yellow/Mint or Lavender/Grey.
    • Set of eight pieces
    Was £6.50 NOW £5.95
    Compostable bin linersItem has video
    • 100% compostable bin liner.
    • Made for organic kitchen waste.
    • Roll of 10 bags 
    Set of three mesh wash bags
    • 2 x small and 1 x large bag.
    • Special cover for pull-tab.
    • Mesh with coloured zip
    Was £7.50 NOW £6.45
    Brabantia Tasty+ Whisk Plus Draining SpoonNew item
    • Whisk and colander in one tool.
    • Optimum shape for draining food.
    • High grade nylon
    Brabantia Tasty+ Soup Ladle Plus ScraperNew item
    • Soup ladle and scraper 2-in-1 tool.
    • Serve your soup to the last drop!
    • Dishwasher safe