Brabantia Hanging Drying Rack

(102769, 105241, 105265) PM ref: 928160


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If you're short on space, or simply like to let your delicates and knitwear air dry, then Brabantia's hanging rack might be the option for you. It has 4.5 metres of drying space, and simply pops over the top of a door, raditator or balustrade. The horizontal hangers are adjustable and will accomodate items uo to 110mm thick, whilst the clever little item has a smart 'lock' to ensure that you need not adjust the settings during every use.


Key features

  • Moveable drying rack
  • 4.5 metres of hanging space
  • Simply hangs over a door, balustrade or radiator
  • Will fit on anything less than 11cm wide
  • Adjustable for narrower doors
  • Smart 'lock' remembers previous settings
  • Folds flat for storage
  • Five year guarantee



10 27 69 (Ivory colour) 928160-1

10 52 41 (Metallic grey colour) 928160-2

10 52 65 (Passion red colour) 928160-3


Size Guides / SpecificationLess

Radiator dryer size guide

This item can fit over walls, doors and balustrades up to 110mm (4.3 inches) in width. It has a height of 69.0 cm (27.2 in), a width of 71.0 cm (28.0 in) and a depth of 29.0 cm (11.4 in).



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