Bowman Clay Trap Wedge Plate
  • Gives an extra 22 degrees elevation.
  • Fits between trap and stand.
  • For Super Traps 2, 3 and 2000
Bowman Auto Clay Trap Super Match 1 Extension Hopper
  • Extra 35 clay capacity.
  • Bolts on to the main hopper.
  • Gives a 100 clay capacity
Bowman Super Trap Junior Elevating Base Plate
  • Adds up to 45° Elevation.
  • Compatible with Super Trap Junior.
  • Requires Teal Clip
from £47.00
Bowman Super Match 1 Clay Trap Barrow
Free UK delivery
  • One main handle that can be pushed or pulled.
  • Grip handle.
  • Designed for Super Match 1
Bowmans Junior Clay Trap Sled Stand 1
  • Suitable for the Super Trap Junior.
  • Sturdy steel construction.
  • Cushioned removable seat
Bowman Auto Clay Trap Replacement Midi Slip in Adapter
  • Available in singles or a pack.
  • Genuine Bowman spares.
  • Fully assembled and tested
Was £132.00 NOW £99.00
Super Trap Junior
  • Standard clay throw 50 metres plus
  • Easy to transport and set up.
  • Ideal for beginners
from £105.50
Bowmans Clay Super Trap Sled Stand 2
Free UK delivery
  • For Super Trap 2, 3, 2000 and Gyrator.
  • Cushioned removable seat.
  • Sturdy construction
Bowman Low Profile Auto Clay Trap Barrow
Free UK delivery
  • Available with standard or terrain tyres
  • Removable handles
  • For Supermatch 6 or 8 traps
from £135.60
Bowman Standard Auto Clay Trap Barrow
Free UK delivery
  • Standard height auto trap barrow
  • Suitable for all auto traps
  • Standard or terrain wheels
Bowman Clay Super Trap Tripod Stand
Free UK delivery
  • Tripod stand for Super Trap range
  • Fold up legs
  • Includes a fully cushioned removable seat
Bowman  Auto Clay Trap Radio Release System
Free UK delivery
  • Plugs into trap for instant use
  • Operate trap up to 200m away
Bowman  Gun Rack
Free UK delivery
  • Holds up to six guns.
  • Suitable for hard and soft surfaces.
  • Packs flat for easy storage
Bowman Autotrap Quad Barrow Trailer
  • Easy transportation of clay trap
  • Fits onto any 50mm ball tow bar
  • Can be towed up to 20mph
Bowman  Auto Clay Trap Acoustic Release System
Free UK delivery
  • Acoustic Release System.
  • Vocal release operation.
  • Suitable for independant use
Bowmans Manual Clay Super Trap 3 Trap Only
Free UK delivery
  • Double throwing arm.
  • Adjustable elevation.
  • Flexible target variation
from £282.00
Bowman Manual Clay Supertrap 2000 with Tripod
Free UK delivery
  • Semi re-cocking action
  • Extremely portable.
  • Performs double and single rise throwing
from £645.50
Bowman - Automatic Clay Trap SuperMatch One
  • Single stack auto clay trap.
  • 65 clay capacity.
  • Fast re-cocking time of 0.9 seconds
Bowman Auto Clay Trap Modular Base for DTLItem on sale
Free UK delivery
  • Fix to the bottom of the auto trap
  • Freedom of movement
  • Sporting support for DTL
Bowman Automatic Clay Trap Supermatch 6
  • Holds up to 300 clays.
  • 1.5 second recock time.
  • 50m cable with push button release