Bisley Walkstool Three Legged Telescopic Stool

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Introducing the Walkstool and Walkstool Comfort from Bisley. These technically advanced telescopic stools are unlike any others in the world, as they come with trademark protections and patents. They can be transformed into two sitting positions which helps to promote good posture and supreme comfort:


Legs Fully Extended - Sitting with the legs fully extended allows you to sit in a stable and upright position - Ideal for bird watching and fishing.


Legs Pushed In - This seated position enables you to swivel freely from side to side, whilst remaining completely stable. When the stool is in this position you can also use it as a head and back rest - Perfect for hunting and camping.


Key Features

  • Multipurpose three legged stool from Bisley
  • Notably lightweight
  • The only telescopic stool that comes with patents and trademark protections
  • Sizeable polyester seat
  • Complete with plastic feet
  • The Walkstool Comfort is available in two sizes: XL and XXL
  • The Walkstool Comfort also comes complete with a protective bag


Manufacturer's Codes:


WACXL, XL, 960957-0

WACXXL, XXL, 960957-1


Size Guides / SpecificationLess

Bisley Walkstool Dimensions

Model Seat Size Weight Limit
Walkstool 36 - 60 cm 175 kg
Walkstool Comfort XL 33 - 55 cm 225 kg
Walkstool Comfort XXL 37 - 65 cm 250 kg



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