Bisley Lucky Line Launcher Dummy Launcher

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The Bisley lucky line dummy launcher is a more advanced dummy launcher to Bisley's lucky launcher 2 as it is equipped with a reel to retreive and re-use the shot line. With up to 250ft of braided dracon line, the line is retrieved by the reel which stores it tangle free in the storage bottle ready for the next shot. The purpose of the reel ensures there is no bail or lever to open in order for the string to exit the bottle. The drag is attached to the line during the retrieve and the distance of the shot depends of the style of dummy used and power level of blanks. Additional features include a pistol grip, full length shoulder stock and an aero-dynamic dummy for very accurate placement of the line continuously.

Key Features

  • Lucky Line Dummy launcher
  • Equipped with a retrieval reel
  • 250ft of 130lb test braided Dracon
  • Reel and line storage bottle
  • Pistol grip
  • Full length shoulder stock
  • Aero-dynamic dummy
  • Dummy included
  • UK proofed



BIDDLLL / 962502


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